Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A high priced Fuck

       Oh! Hello there! Good morning and welcome!  So nice to see you today.  I've gotten some wonderful photos form you all so far. Keep them coming.  I might have to do more than one Reader Submission Post!  
        I've  got a busy day ahead at work today. But that is ok.... two of my favorite clients need our help and it is always a pleasure working with this couple. It sure makes a difference when the people you are working with are pleasant and let you do your job.  After work.... well Rentboi will be in town and we are meeting for a long, long Dinner and Drinks evening.  I do enjoy hearing his adventures. I will be interested to hear weather he has decided to put his Dick and Ass away and retire from the sex worker business.  He has talked about it before.  And now that he is approaching 35... it might be the time.  He has been at this since he was 18..... that is a long time.   He went from being this dumb fuck twink to a very sophisticated high priced fuck.  He gets on average $ 400 an hour and lots more if it is an over night!   Sometimes one of his regulars even take him with them on their travels over seas.   
    I wonder how many of you have ever either paid for sex or gotten paid?  Tell me.


  1. The guy getting his butt eaten out - yum!

  2. Have I ever paid for sex? yes! but NOT $400.00 that is for sure.

  3. Never on either count. But, I do have a good friend who was a call-boy. He's in his late 50's now and still looks mighty fine - so fine that his service still keeps contacting him and wanting to send him out on calls.
    I hope your rent-boi has saved his money - unlike my friend who doesn't have a dime of the hundred's of thousands he made.

  4. WOW love the DODD! And yes I have paid for it before, but a lot less than your friend charges. Is he really worth that much?


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