Friday, November 28, 2014 we are!

            Good morning everyone!   Let me shall I begin?    Lets call yesterday a fun but very odd Thanksgiving.  If you remember, an old friend from back in my super slutty youth had invited me over to join him for Thanksgiving.  And since I knew he was not doing well, the plan was to bring Randy along as sort of a Sexual Gift.
             Randy was really up for this adventure.  I had told him all the stories of those slutty days and he was super impressed.  He even bought a new skimpy pair of yellow undies.   I guess I had mentioned that yellow was my friend's favorite color.   
              We drove the 40 miles or so to my friend's place all the while talking about Dicks and Cum and Fucking and stuff.  We arrive to find my friend in a wheelchair looking way older than he really is.  Inside the condo there were 2 beautiful redheads wearing white fluffy robes. I am guessing they were around 25 or so.  And they greeted us with cocktails and amazing smiles.  As I introduced Randy to my friend these guys proceded to remove Randy's jacket and shirt.  Randy obliged by removing his pants and they in turn removed their robes. be continued tomorrow.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

I am thankful to be me.

              Good morning!    Well, of course it is Thanksgiving here and I suppose I should be posting about things I am thankful for.  First and foremost, I am so thankful that my heart problem seems to be under controll and the prostate stuff is not giving me any trouble. there anything more important than good health.
               I am also thankful that in this lifetime I am a Gay Man.  My other lives might have been wonderful, but I am sure that having the amazing gift of being Gay tops all the past lives.  I can not imagine anything more fulfilling that bonding sexually with many other like minded guys. 
              I am thankful for my close Buddies who share their lives and their delicious Man Parts with me.  I am so thankful that I learned at an early age to be out and open about my sexuality.  I am thankful I had an older sexual mentor when I was skinny, horny teen running bare botton loose in New York. 
            I am thankful for every single Ass Hole that Da Dick O'Mine found himself deep inside  &  I am thankful for every single drop of cum that has crossed my lips.  And to almost every guy who shoved their Dick in my hairy hole.... thanks to you also. ( I say "almost" here..only because a few of those tops really had no idea what they were doing)
          And  I am forever thankful that I found my Buddhist Path at an early age.
     Lastly.... and very important to me.... I am thankful for all of you who take the time to strip down and enjoy this little blog of mine.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More beautiful Dicks today

            Good morning guys!    Before I go and jerk off this morning, I want to once again thank all the new readers.  And my dear faithful longtime readers, thanks for all the support and comments you send.   I love putting together this little blog each and every morning. And to know that there are some days 400 or 500 half naked guys reading my a real kick!   So, at this time of the year when everyone gets thankful for what they have..... I thank you all!  
         I guess I am still on a major Dick Picture thing.   I am sure you do not mind at all.  And I am sure the you love Dicks as much as I do.    I am not sure about a post tomorrow..... I am taking Randy and his Dick to meet an old friend who is visiting about an hour away tomorrow.  He and I used to run the streets of New York in our young slut years.  He was soooo hot back then.  He could Fuck 8 or 9 guys in one evening and still get hard when he got back to our little flat to Fuck me.                                
      Anyway...he has not been well lately and I thought that a gift of Randy's young beautiful Dick...would really cheer him up over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Randy is a good sport and loves not only showing but using his Dick & Ass whenever possible.  
      So if I do not have a chance to post tomorrow.... I am wishing every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!