Monday, April 27, 2015

Mish-Mosh Monday

                    Good morning!  As always thank you for taking the time to drop by.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to face another week.  Another week of Sucking and Fucking and simply being a happy Queer Guy.  
                  I had so much fun Saturday hunting for and getting Dicks to Suck on. There is just something about trolling public restrooms for Sex.  I know...I know... at my age I should be over that thrill.... but, sorry guys that old thrill is still part of my DNA.  How about some of you? Do you still go looking for Dick in public places?  

                Yesterday was a good day to just chill....and I mean chill naked.  I got myself together early and headed up to the Nude Beach.  I went to the area where I usually go.... and to my delight Chubby Guy was already laying out in all his naked glory. So.... we spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and watching all those lovely Dicks on the beach.  
                By 4pm or so we decided to get dressed and go for some food. And we then spent a lovely early evening eating and drinking and watching the sun set over the water. After dinner he was going to drive me home.... and in the car while he was driving... he pulled out his Dick and..... well of course I leaned in and took it to task.  I am not sure why, but his Cum seemed more delicious than I remembered. 
         All in all.... a really nice Sunday!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Sermon......Thank your Dick today.

            Yes!  Good morning to you and your Dick!  I hope you said good morning to your Dick. That is something you should do every morning.  What do I do?  Well... I do a Morning Practice and within that meditation I thank my Dick.  I let him know how important he is to my life and my spirituality. I let him know how much I enjoy his company.  I let him know how beautiful he is and how much I love his shape and feel.  
           And one of the most wonderful things that Da Dick can do...... Slide into a beautiful thight Ass.  To fill up your partners hole and make him feel good.... is such a liberating feeling.  The feeling that you are able to bring a guy to Orgasm by just pounding his amazing!  
         The other most wonderful thing a Dick does is get hard when you lick him.  I do not know about you..but for me there is nothing more of a turn on than taking a totally soft Dick full in your mouth and feel it getting hard as you do your job.  And then..and then that moment that you know this Dick in your mouth is rumbling and ready to deposit that glorious Cum down your throat.       Ah...Ah... now that is Queer Heaven!   And just so you know...I had 3 loads of tasty Cum last night before Da Dick O'Mine entered a cute furry Butt Hole.  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Da Delectible, Delicious, Delightful Dick!

            Good morning!  Thanks for dropping by today! And thanks to those of you who continue to leave comments and send me emails.  Every blogger enjoys getting else are we to know if what whe are posting is interesting to the readers. So..keep them coming.
           Maybe it seems that I am a little obsesed with a certain dangling part of men.  Well... you are totally right!  I make no apologies for it.  Why wouldn't a gay man be so enamored with that perfect piece of meat? I coul most likely write pages and pages of why I love Da Dick!  But of course I won't go that far.
          I first became aware of my fasination with Da Dick when I was 6 years or so.  Yes..that young!
My dad would take me to a pool on Saturdays.  And these men would walk around the locker room either fully or partially naked. All these adult Dicks bouncing around, just set my mind racing. When would mine look like that?  I could not wait.  
        When I was 13 I tasted my first Dick.... what a revolution.  I could not get over how salty it was. 
And the scent of those sweaty balls just made my very young Dick, pop up and splat cum in like 3 seconds!  Even after all these many years and many,many Dicks...I do remember that feeling. 
       I know, yesterday I was telling you all about my Fuck buddies & why I like each one.... well my plans today are to go troll the public restrooms over by the Beach and see how many random tourist Dicks I can find to suck.  The last time I did this I had 4 in my mouth for the day.... oh and one up my Ass.  I wonder how I will fare today?