Friday, August 22, 2014


                Good morning guys!  Are you as happy as I am that it is Friday!   I will be so glad when this work week is over!  I have been dealing all week with one of those horrid clients with tons of money!  I never will understand why these people with money think that they just own the world!  Just between you and me.. if it were possible I would shove a large bat up his ass.  Dealing with the public can be such a bitch!
               Well.... I sure will not let that idiot ruin the fact that I am looking forward to the weekend!  If all goes well, I'm thinking of going to the nude beach butt is getting a little white and need some color. And of course William's farewell party for The Twink. And Sunday... well... there is a guy in Fort Lauderdale who has been after me for ages.  And I might just oblige. Specially since he has a boat and wants to fuck while sailing.  
         Ok.... now listen to me please... make sure that you give your Dick a real treat this weekend. Take him some place special... let him play and have some fun. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Twink's Party

                 Good morning and welcome! I am so glad to see a few new readers.  Please take the time to introduce yourself and leave a comment.  
                Lets see...... oh yes, The Twink is leaving  town on Monday.  William is having a small party for him on Saturday. This is not to be one of his Rentboi Parties.  No, he decided to do what The Twink likes best (besides Fucking)  Drinking Champagne and eating Chocolate..  And since mostly all of The Twink's friends here have slept with him at one point or another, it is an adult pajama party.  It should be cool. I need to go buy some pajamas..I have not worn them in maybe 20 years!   But I would not be surprised if at some point The Twink's pajamas come off.  He does tend to enjoy being naked in front of guys.  And with the body and Dick he has why not!   I am sure I will get to taste that Dick once more before he leaves town.
         I was going to post photos of guys in Pajamas..but I am running late for work, so here are a few random guys in their undies.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An early morning piss.

              Good morning my friends!  I hope you are sitting there in your undies and enjoying your morning.  It was a little overcast this morning as I was sipping on my coffee and rubbing on my Balls out front on my terrace. It started to rain and the sound of the rain hitting the pavement hit my bladder and I needed to have a pee.  I was so comfortable sitting where I was, that I decided to just let it happen right there.  Ok...I know this sounds a little nasty..but to be honest it felt real good to relieve myself while still in my undies.  And my bladder must have been totally full..because the golden stream kept coming and left a large puddle on the floor.  I pulled Da Wet Dick O'Mine out and gave him a good rubbing until Da Cum was mixed with Da Piss on the floor.
          I am not sure why I am telling all of you this...except that I try to keep things honest here. Sometimes we all do things that ar a little it unconventional. And to some might seem, well, nasty.  But nasty or sure felt good!  I wonder what you sometimes do when you are alone that others might consider not cool or nasty?
         Today's photos have nothing at all to do with urinating while still in your undies... I just found them all beautiful and sexy.