Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Sermon........On being sexual

            Good morning my dear friends!  Well it is Sunday..and a very quiet and relaxing morning here at Queer Heaven.   I love Sunday mornings!  I almost never make any plans for Sunday mornings.  It is such a perfect morning to go and sit on the beach and take stock of things. Which I did early today and as I watched the sun come up I began to think about some of the emails I have gotten over the 4 years that I have been blogging.  On of the most frequent questions I get asked is how is it possible for me to have as much sex as I do. And don't I find so much random sex to be demeaning!
       Well..maybe this will be politically incorrect in this day and age..... but I say a resounding NO! 
Listen, lets be blunt here.....We are guys....we are wired to want to cum as often as humanly possible. And since we are Gay Men..we have much more opportunity than our STR8 brothers.   So there is absolutly no reason not to get out there and do some sexing as often as we need to.   
      Of course I agree that random Fucking with random guys can be dangerous... but if you are careful those random encounters can often be the most enjoyable.  Be do not always want to have a "lasting relationship" with every single Ass you encounter.  Nor do you want to spend the rest of your life with every Dick you suck on.  
     As far as how much Sex this Old Queer is having..... it is totally up to you.... you can't sit a t home and jerk off and wish you were Fucking some dude.  You need to get your Butt out there.  There are no excuses.  If you tell yourself that you are Sexy and are comfortable with who you are....there will always be another guy or guys looking for sexing also.
     Ok... that is enough for this morning.... Now...go out and Lick a new Ass, go out there and Suck on some Balls, go out there and swallow some Cum, go out there and open your Butt Hole.  
                                 Go out here and relish being a Gay man.... Have some fun!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

One Friday evening after work.

           It was a busy day at work.... I had a major argument with my boss....not good!  I stopped at a little bar on my way home from work for a drink and to just clear my head. I'm sitting there just spacing out and letting the Vodka take over. 
          As I am sipping on my third Vodka.... I feel  hot breath on my neck.   I turn and these amazing eyes are looking at me.  His hair is sort of long and choppy, his lips are full and wet.  He is sweaty and smells so good.   He leans in and whispers in my ear. " I heard you are a good Fuck"   His hand is on my lap.  He licks my ear. He licks my neck.  He squeezes my crotch.  He undoes my zipper and slides his had inside.  
      We are in the back room and he is all over me.... WTF!!!  Is this real? His massive Dick is in my mouth and I am on my knees.   My jeans are down and Da Dick O'Mine ia rock hard and pre cumming.  Another guy I know walks in and just smiles and walks away.   
     I'm on the floor my ass in the air and His condom coverd Dick is pounding me....I squeeze my Hole tight for him.  I relax and let him just enjoy.  He pulls out and cums on my underwear.  He stands up... looks at me and said "Yep, you are a good Fuck".  He is gone and I am feeling great!