Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Restroom Stop!

              So you ready to do it?  He looked at me, I was definately looking at him. He is short and a little bit on the trashy side. I could see the bump in his bright blue shorts getting larger. I reached in and felt his extremely bushy pubic hairs.  I shouldn't be doing this I am thinking.  It is 2AM in the men's room.  I am on my knees and this guy's Dick is in my face. His pre cum is on my tongue. My mind races back 20 years ago when I did this sort of thing all the time.   There is another young guy walking in.... this one sort of fat.  I do not stop sucking.... his balls are bouncing on my chin.  No one is talking. The fat guy pulls out his soft Dick and begins to rub it.   I can hear the loud music pounding in the club. I can feel a hand on my head pushing me deeper in this guys mouth. The Fat guy leans over and pulls his shirt up and lets my hand slide in his shorts.  The guy in my mouth is about to cum ( I've done this enough to know).  I gag a little as he unloads and I swallow every last drop.  The fat guy has just cum in my hand at almost the same time as I feel Da Dick O'Mine do his duty and splat a good load on the floor. As I lick up fat guy's cum, the other guy still dripping the last drips of cum smiles and asks if I he can buy me a vodka. I turn around and the fat guy has left the stall.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Just another day??

He slid the last piece of clothes down to his ankles
Grey Briefs in a bunch on the floor
The crotch slightly damp
The inside bottom slightly soiled.
His full Pubic Bush was matted down
I took a sniff
I took a lick
I could tell he had sex not too long ago
His Dick was not fat
His Dick was not long
His Dick was delicious
I could taste the semi dried Cum
The guy he had fucked left his scent on his balls
I knew that scent
I had that scent on me often in the past
Sharing Dicks is always such fun.
We swapped some spit
We swapped some Cum
We laughed and Fucked and played the day away!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Keep your Butt Hole ready!

 Hello!hello! hello My dear readers!!   I am so sorry I have not posted in quite while!  Let me explain........
   The other week, while lounging outside swinging in the hammock, my host came over and told me that he had someone for me to meet later in the day. This friend was coming for dinner and my host thought I would really like him.  Oh... that young dude left us last week..I forgot to mention... so it had been just my host and I.
   So, since I had not shaved or cleaned my Butt hole for a few days..I did just that. (one must be ready for anything)  And boy am I glad I prepared myself "down there"!   Ronald showed up late in the afternoon and when he stripped mouth just totally dropped! all know that I've been doing the sexing thing for years and years and have seen hundreds of Dicks....well...yes well!  This Dick was so perfect in every way.  I mean honey, really beautiful. So beautiful I almost wanted to just stare at it.  But of course I did not do just that. He was in my mouth before dinner and left me a delicious load of Cum. And then later after dinner and drinks his beautiful Dick was firmly implanted deep in my hole.....!!! OH YES!
 So as not to make this post too long....when he was ready to leave two days later, I decided to go with him for a few more days....And now I am back here and I will totally admit that my Butt Hole is completely soar from his Fucking me 3 or 4 time each day!! 
  To any of you younger guys reading this...there is nothing wrong with getting older as long as you keep your Butt Hole open!!!!