Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beautiful Buns & Buttholes

            Good morning!  Welcome!  Thanks for dropping by.  As always I hope you have dropped your pants as well.  I hope you are also getting your brain settled on what type of sexing you are gonna do over this weekend.  It is good to plan ahead. Although,often those unexpected sexual encounters are the most fun.   
            Not too long ago, I had planned on playing bottom on a lovely Saturday evening at a local hang out of older guys.  I had prepped myself and was really ready to let whoever wanted my Ass, to go ahead and pound me.  So.......I'm sitting at the bar, I've had maybe 3 Vodkas and chatting with this youngish tourist.  He whispers that I should meet him n the restroom..and he walks away. Well.... of course I follow him,since I can see a very large bulge in his cargo shorts.
         I get in the tiny restroom .....he is in one of the stalls... he has his shorts down and right before my eyes is a Butt that is totally covered in major fur!  I mean like a rug!  He has his finger in his hole... "come on daddy,this hole is yours"  Well...Da Dick O'Mine popped right up and no sooner that I could even think about it.... Da Dick O' Mine was condom covered and pounding this Dude like mad.  
       I was just about to cum, when in walks my good Buddy Randy... he stops and said nothing and drops his pants..    I pull out Da Dick and before I had a chance to do anything... this Dude takes it in his mouth and as I am cumming, I notice Randy is sucking on this Dude's Dick....
      See what I mean... Often spur of the moment can be really hot!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When I said farewell to Bobby

            Ten Years Ago Today
          Ok...lets get something straight here.  I like you a lot and think you are tons of fun. I think you have an amazing Dick and your butt Hole is just shear heaven.  I will admit that sex with you is about the best sex ever.  But you knew from the moment we met that I would never be monogamous.  Don't you understand that is not who I am.   You can stop with the tears... it is not the end of your world.   You can do this.  You just need to be more open.  You need to go taste a few other Dicks. You need to spread you legs and let another Dick slide in you.  
             You are young and handsome and hung like a horse. You should be out there fucking and Sucking every guy in sight.  I will always be here for you. I will always be ready to Sex with you.  I do love you, you know that.  There are just too many other Dicks out there just waiting.  Now come here and let me taste yours and if you do not want to continue..I will understand.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Twos for Tuesday...Good Buddies!

                Good morning dear friends!  Let me take a moment,while I adjust my Balls.... to thank you for stopping by.  I see in my Stats. I must have quite a few new readers. How cool is that!  After all these years, new guys find the blog. So a big welcome to all of you new readers. Please stop rubbing on your Dick long enough to at least say hello in a comment or send me an email.
                Ok.... it is Tuesday,  and Tuesday I always post photos of two guys doing stuff.  And what they are often doing is just enjoying being buddies. And doing things that buddies often do with each other. Like..lets say your buddy happens to mention that his Butt Hole is Itching.... a good buddy will lean over and lick that itchy Hole. Right? Or say..your buddy mentions that his Balls are feeling rather heavy.... a good buddy might figure the best thing to do is to Suck on his Dick and release some of the tension.  Or did you over hear him tell his Partner that he was not getting enough Sex.... and as a good friend you offer to Fuck him right then and there.
            Good buddies are one of the best things  in life.  And a good buddy will do anything for you. And if you happen to need a good dose of Cum in your face... he will of course do his Buddy duty and let the Cum flow. 
          I am very lucky to have such buddies!  How about you?