Friday, August 5, 2016

Happy Friday My friends!!!!

Well has bee a couple of weeks and I am still hanging out naked with my friend in the middle of nowhere Florida!

The Balls were hanging low
They were wet
They tasted salty like urine.

The Dick Head was large and shaped like a mushroom
It was wet
It tasted salty like urine.

The Ass Hole was red and furry and super tight
It was wet
It tasted like something out of a bag of chips

His belly was round and full
It was wet
It tasted like yesterday's Cum

The face was cute, the eyes were bright
His mouth was wet
It tasted like honey mixed with mustard.

We Fucked,We Fucked, We Fucked
Dirt and mud was stuck to my Ass
We were Wet

Monday, August 1, 2016

        Hello my friends!  Thank you all for the wonderful emails!  I'm at the little cafe a mile or so from where I am staying.  I really do not have time to leave any comments on your blogs...just know that I am thiking of all of you.
        Well.... I am still "homeless" and my job on hold for the rest of the summer.  So...what does any good self respecting Gay Buddhist do..... just tak it with a grain of salt and take each day at a time.  I am totally loving this Nudist lifestyle.  It is just amazing how freeing it all is.  Not to mention the super sexy neighbor guys.  They live on a small farm about 3 miles from where I am staying.  I spent most of the weekend with them Fucking and Sucking and just plain having fun. 
      Ok...i've been in these clothes for the past 4 hours.... time to head back to my place and shed them.  Today is a great day to lounge by the lake and let Da DickO'Mine enjoy the sun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Another scheduled post for my friends!

Walking through the woods with the summer breeze kissing my Balls
Drips of sweat running down my back landing in my Butt Crack
I need to pee...I need to shower the ground.

Da Dick is soft and hanging, the piss is streaming and I feel good.
A hand grabs my Balls... a short chubby young guy is right there.
His mouth is open....I let loose my golden water....and fill his mouth.

He is sucking.... he is licking....he is laughing.
His mouth is full of my creamy cum.
He smiles and says
"Welcome neighbor"
                              Oh yes! I am liking the whole naked in the woods thing!