Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday's Sermon....Have more Sex

              Good morning and welcome to Queer Heaven!  This is my world.  A world where inhibitions are gone and anything that does not hurt or harm another is fair game! A world the revolves around Butts and Balls and Dicks and Cum. A world that revolves around Sucking and Fucking and being Fucked.  In other open Gay life!
               It still amazes me how many emails I receive from readers who think that all the Sexing that is done here at Queer Heaven is out of the norm.  Well.... I am not any type of  expert on numbers....but it seems to me that Gay guys have lots and lots of sex partners.  One article I read recently said the average Gay guy has a minium of 200 Sexual encounters by the time he is 25.  And maybe my situation and my friends are a not good sample.... I know for a fact that my fuck buddies all have had way more than 200 encounters.  As for me?   My dear friends.... I stopped counting when I was 19!!
            Anyway...the point of this post this lovely Sunday is.........Do your self a favor and be true to your nature.....please have as much Sex as you can.  and if the Sexing is with many diffeent partners...more the better!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I'm home

It is not always easy to say good bye to good friends who moved away.
But then there is the pleasure of visiting them for a few days.
These wonderful brothers, these good friends of mine.
They have made a life together not only as brothers but as lovers.
Their new home is wonderful, it sits in the woods on a secluded lake.
so.... I don't have to tell you that we three spent almost all of the three days completely naked.
Naked both inside and outside the house.
We drank, we ate, we laughed, we swam. 
We Fucked and Sucked and Came in large amounts.
So much fun being with 2 wonderful Flip Flop Fuckers.
Ah...Max and Marco!

Friday, June 24, 2016


Just a few photos while I am away sexing with my buddies.