Monday, January 9, 2017

Learning how to be silent

Quiet mornings...silent mornings.....mornings of bliss.
The guys sit in a circle.
The ground is still slightly wet
There was four of them.
Quiet aftenoons...silent afternoons...afternoons of wonder
The guys are laying on their sides
The ground has dried
Their butts are slightly muddy
Four of them
Late drink
The guys are on their backs, legs over their heads.
Butt holes are moist
Butt holes are waiting
Each one of them.
Early evening...Silent evening....quiet evening
No one has spoken all day
No one has cried or moaned...they are waiting
one at a time
It is twilight, the moon is one speaks
Each Butt hole is filled with a plug
Each Butt hole is tight
Each Butt hole is happy.
All four of them.
16 hours have passed this day
16 hours of watching these guys
The meditations are over
Each one begins to rub themselves
Cumming is important today.
And one by one by one by one
They cum.


  1. great post! love as usual your words!

  2. Such wonderful imagery in your description of the silent meditation! ...and the images!
    3: fingers down the crack....ecstasy!
    6; great spread and show....and such a tantalizing butt hole!
    Last: so the hole-to-hole placement in the image!

  3. I wonder if they jacked off to cum or were serviced?

  4. Now that's heaven for you in B&W!


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