Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Confessional

        Good Morning everyone!   First off....One of  tomorrow's post will be The Reader Submission Post. You guys have sent me quite a few. but there is still time for you to send me that photo of yourself in your undies. go ahead and drop down your pants snap the pic and send it off to me!
        Ok... the idea for today's post I have totally swiped from my blogger buddy Becca  
I Confess:

1.     I have not done the laundry for two weeks. ( I have lots of clean undies left)
2.     I started smoking again.
3.     I once had sex with my best female's husband.
4.     I never really liked Seinfeld.
5.     Sometimes I just want to run away and become a hermit on a sandy island.
6.     I HATE facebook and texting.
7.     I could live on just chocolate and bacon.
8.     I drink too much Vodka
9.     I once pissed on a nasty coworkers chair late one night.
10.   I like smooth young guys with a hairy hole.
11.   I still like having sex in a dark dirty restroom.
12.   If Romney wins... I'm I am leaving the country for good.


  1. Nice collection of men. Interesting confessions.

  2. Great post - and even though I am 180 degrees out with you on your political views, we agree on everything else.


  3. You pissed on a coworkers chair I wish I had done that to someone in the past!

  4. thanks for the shout out hope you are doing well


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