Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

             Good morning!   Holy Shit!  You guys rock!  Thanks so much for all the comments and emails on Sunday's post about Fucking.  One of the commentors and a couple of emails wanted to know what my favorite position is.  I guess you all might find this a little strange, knowing what a slut I can be.... but if truth be told I enjoy the plain old Missionary Style.  For me, weather Topping or Bottoming..... I like to see my guy's face while sexing.  And I am big on keeping my eyes open at that moment of climaz, so I can watch how much he is enjoying it.
           Now that I am thinking about it.... I really wonder what position each of my Fuck Buddies prefer.  I know that Randy Loves to sit on Da Hard Dick O'Mine and bounce.  But the others I am not sure about.  I shall have to find out and let you all  know.    Oh..... Marc seems to enjoy facing away, on his knees Butt Hole in the air.  
        Oops! I am getting a second Boner.... I will let you go now...and have a good wank before I leave for work.
        Thanks again for dropping by!


  1. Well, since I don't top or bottom, I guess I'd have to say my favorite would be lapping at those luscious balls - or having a guy's cock sliding against my balls like that last photo. Oh, yeah...

  2. Wow! I ahve bee reading you for awhile and these photos today are the hottest yet.

  3. they are! great shots;)


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