Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My poor Dick.

              Good morning my dear sweet readers!  Thanks so much for the get well wishes.  Unfortunately I can not report recovery.  I still feel totally shitty!  At least the fridge is full and Da Dick O'Mine is standing at attention right this very moment.  Poor Dick.... he really wants to cum, but I just do not even have the energy to give him a good jerk off.  He will just have to stay hard and wait.  I've gotta say having a boner that just will not go down..feels pretty good considering how crummy I feel.  
            I know I could call one of my buddies to help Da Dick out.... but I am  one of those people that really likes to be left alone when sick.  I hate being fussed over or pampered. So.... back to curling up and watching old movies today & readin blogs.
            Let's hope I have better news for you tomorrow.


  1. poor dick and poor you! but think after some days of relax, your orgasm will be more huge and intense! beste wishes again!

  2. A day of TOTAL rest for both of you...the sun will come out tomorrow!!! and the dick will rise again!!!

  3. Having a boner like that is a good sign - it means you are on the mend! Get to feeling better.

  4. UGH! Nothing worse than a summer cold. Rest up, my friend.

  5. Scott said...

    Rest up my friend, I have a good feeling that you be "up" and at that boner of yours in no time:) In the meantime enjoy your movies, and other blogs.

  6. I pray you feel better. Get your rest. Enjoy your movies and other blogs


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