Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Check your Urine

             Good morning guys! I mentioned yesterday I am taking Da Dick O'Mine to see my urologist this morning.  I have been having a little problem taking a piss.  So they are going to do some procedure to check things out.   And hopefully will find out what is wrong.  
             I often talk about the importance of checking your Balls for lumps and bumps.  But it is just as important that you be mindfull of your pee.  If you notice the slightest difference in your stream..go check it out. Is the amount less than usual? Is the color different? Is the scent stronger? All these are important things to be aware of.   It could be nothing more than your diet or it could be something much more serious.  
           We all love our Dicks and what he can do for us.  And taking a healthy leak is one of them.  Sometimes some of us like to enjoy having a pee on our buddy. Some of us like to enjoy pissing on ourselves in the shower. And there are some of us who do enjoy a stream in our mouths.
           So while I am off to get my junk checked are a few photos of guys pissing.



  1. what kind of problems did you have?
    have you found difficult to pee?


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