Monday, September 22, 2014

Mish-Mosh Monday

               Good morning my dear sweet wonderful readers!   Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday! 
It really makes me so happy to know that what I do here each and every morning is bringing some joy and fun into your lives.  And I hope that a little bit of my outlook on life and sex has rubbed of on some of you.  I do not expect you to become a horn dog slut like I tend to be.  No, I just want you to realize that Fucking and Sucking and Playing at Sex is such a major part of who any man is.  And in order for any man to be really true to himself and true to his inner gotta cum!  And I think it is important to remember that sharing your cum with another guy is the most  uplifting and priritual thing you can do for another guy.
            Ok... I can hear some of you thinking,,,, how in hell is Fucking a random ass in a public restroom spiritual? Or letting more than one Dick enter your Ass in one evening?  Or Sucking on your neighbor's Balls while his boyfriend watches? Or knowingly let that Str8 Guy in your office sit on your face and jerk him off.
        Yes! As far s I am concerned.... these are all Spiritual encountes.  You may not agree with me..that is fine.... but just think about it!


  1. love your way to think about sex. I agree a lot!!!

  2. Sex is natural, it is essential for guys. It is our life, really - hard-wired into our brains to spread our cum far and wide. You are being true to your gender. And that's commendable!

  3. Is that why I scream Jesus when I'm being mounted by a Huge Stud? ;-0

  4. Accepted partnership? If so put our blog and communicate to do the same.



  5. Congrats on 1 million views, QH! Amazing!
    Great set as always!
    3 - hot shot - hand on awesome ass and sweet hole so open and ready!
    5 - smokin'.... great view of a super hot twosome!
    9 - need I add, love the finger in the hole!
    ....and great cum shot to wrap up the set! ...., yes, a good morning!


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