Saturday, September 20, 2014

On the way home yesterday..."¿Quieres follar conmigo?"

              Good morning!  Da Dick O'Mine would like to welcome the new readers!   He has been a little upset with me for not letting him out to play since the party.  And you should have heard him all day yesterday..... just because I let Waiter Guy sleep off his drunk instead of fucking... he kept getting hard at the most inopportune times!   
             I was sitting at the consultation table going over things with a new client and her hubby..when all of a sudden... I pop a real boner!  Later in the day, I am doing a walk through of a wedding venue and when the groom to be reached over to shake my hand...yep! I pop another one! 
I get back to the office and find one of my drivers changing his uniform and Snap! I'm hard as a rock! 
          Finally the day was over and I am on my bike..on my way home... I really need to have a piss, so I swing by the public restroom.  I whip out Da Dick and he is happily erect.  You do realize it is quite hard to piss standing at a urinal while hard. 
          So... I decide to go a head and let Da Dick cum.... I start to rub on him a bit and in walks an older Cuban guy..... like older than me.  I don't stop what I am doing right away.  He now has his Dick out and begins to piss next to me.  With out a word, he reaches over and begins to jerk me..I turn around and let him take Da Dick O'Mine in his mouth.  In just a moment this guy is licking up my pre cum.  He smiles and says "wanna Fuck me?"   I am still dripping pre cum as we move into a stall.... he slips a condom on me..bends over and takes both hands and opens up his extremely furry butt hole.  Da Dick O'Mine is so, so happy to just push right in and pound away doing his duty!  When I know I am close ..I pull out..remove the condom and shove Da Dick O'Mine in this guys mouth and just cum.  I pull my pants up stuff Da Dick in and as I turn to exit the stall, I notice this guy is still sitting on the floor with a hugh smile on his face.  A little bit of cum still on his lips.


  1. Wow - things like that just do not happen around where I live. I feel like I am living vicariously through you! Hence the reason I really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Ah! public restroom sex. Some of my most fun times were spent cuming in a restroom.

  3. Scott said...

    That a boy, you left him with a smile on his face:) awesome.. Sex does make the world go around:)

    Nice pics, I would love to put a smile on any of these fine dudes:)

  4. the final makes my dick able to cut diamonds!!!!


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