Friday, October 24, 2014


              Good morning guys!    Finally this week is almost over!  One medium size party to work on today and then set it all up tomorrow afternoon.  It is really kinda of cool. It is a breakfast engagement party for two guys. I've been in the event businees for many years and I never ever thought I would be doing a party for two guys who are getting married this winter!  No matter what I think about is truly wonderful that it is finally happening.
          So, I am not sure if I will post tomorrow morning or not...might have to wait until the afternoon or Sunday morning.  You see..there is that long ago Ass that wants my attention again before he leaves town.


  1. Well, now, I'd have to say being able to play with dick is much more important that posting pictures of dick. Enjoy yourself!

  2. I absolutely agree with whkattk!!!!
    enjoy my last post:
    have I to recommend you: "have fun"?

  3. As you know, I'm waiting for my sunGAY afternoon orgia! and I can't wait!!!!

    happy sunGAY with my last post:

  4. Oh, my. No post at all since Friday. Either you've been mighty, mighty busy with that long ago ass, or something untoward has prevented a post. I sure hope it is the former!


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