Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Morning hot stuff

           Good morning guys!  I've bee sitting on my terrace with Da Dick O'Mine hanging out and enjoying the morning breeze.  He has been pretty happy lately!  He has gotten to play with most all of my Buddies.  There is one left to get into.  Yeah into...meaning deep in his hole.  That is Aldo!  I have not had his ass for a long time. and I've been thinnking of it for awhile. Ever since he broke up with Max, he has been mostly keeping to himself.    I had a long talk with him last night and he realizes how much he misses Max and his Dick. was Max's Dick that brought those two together.  
         Sometimes we meet a new guy and his smile just blows us away. Sometimes we meet a new guy and his laughter just gets us. Sometimes we meet a guy who is just so interesting that we want to get to know more.  And then.... there is the new guy we meet who has the most beautiful Dick. And to make things even better he knows exactly how to use it.  I know from my own first encounter with Max, this is exactl what Aldo felt when he first met him in that seedy restroom stall a couple of years ago.   
        For Aldo it was Dick love at first sight! When he saw Marc sucking on Max's Dick..he knew  he wanted it.  Funny thing..this is exaclty when I also met these brothers.  They were both out  prowling the restroom after 3AM..Sucking and Fucking every guy in sight. ....... I will finish this tomorrow.... sorry.... got to go to work!


  1. Is it Wednesday already?? I need some dick! Great post, bro!

    XO FFB

  2. Glad you got your computer back up and running. Hmmm. Aldo saw Max sucking Marc's cock, got all excited and had to have him...Now, it's because Max and Marc keep playing Aldo decides to break it off? Aldo, Aldo, Aldo... No, no, no, buddy. That's not how it works. LOL.

  3. Great Post Glad you got your computer fixed....Aldo Aldo Wow

  4. hope to read you're enjoying great sex!

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