Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Sermon.... Being Gay is all about Sex.

              Good morning!  Good morning! Good morning! we are again!  Me, sitting here in yesterday's slightly Cum stained undies..... you, hopefully rubbing on your balls as you read this morning's post. 
             I thought  would talk about SEX today.  Ha! That is what I almost always talk about here.  Well, in my defense, this is a Gay blog about being Gay and the struggles we all try to overcome. And since it is a Gay must be about SEX.  Isn't that the main thing we are about?  
           I often read interviews or colums where guys say things like "Being Gay is not all that I am about" or "Just because I enjoy mansex, that does not define me" or "I'm just an average guy who happens to like other men.
           Sorry guys, in my opinion.......THOSE ARE TOTAL BULLSHIT STATEMENTS!.....
        First off, we are male..and any male is most always thinking of his next Cum.  Men are just wired that way.   And it seems to me that this wiring is extra strong for those of us who dream of those beautiful Dicks and Ass Holes.   No matter what anyone says to the contrary, it is by far much easier for us to do the deed more often than our STR8 brothers.  
        So..... the point of today's post.....if you did not already get it..... is for those of you who are not taking advantage of being a Gay man, ......... get your Dick out there, let him have the fun he is looking for. Fuck as many asses as you wish, Suck a couple of new Dicks. And if you are in a comitted monogamous relationship..... Fuck your partner more often.  
      Ok....... I am taking my own advise today...... I plan to go to the Turkish Baths and Fuck and be Fucked.  What are your Sex plans for today?


Ok Horny guys, leaving a message lets me know what you think.
OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!