Friday, March 27, 2015

A little under the weather today

                 Good morning!  I hope your morning so far is a little better than mine has been. I woke up with a throbbing headache.... no I did not over drink last night!  And I am aching all over. Even Da Dick O'Mine refused to stand up straight as usual.  I guess I will just head back to bed and hopefully sleep it off.  
                Chubby guy has another buddy he wants me to meet.  This one is looking for a regular "older Cock" to slide up his Butt.  I had planned on having them over tonight...but I am not too sure about that now. I guess I shall have to wait till later and see how I am feeling.  
                This is not a good weekend to be under the weather.... William had asked me to join him Saturday afternoon to pick out a couple of Rentbois for his up coming party.  It is sort of an audition.  Like he wants to make sure he will be getting what he is paying for.   These parties of his go on for hours, and the Rentbois he buys need to be able to do more than look pretty. The need to be able to get hart quick and stay hard. they need to be able to switch it up and Fuck or be Fucked.  And as far as what I will be looking for........ is how their Cum tastes.  
           Ok...back to bed for me..... I will fill you in tomorrow.


  1. Hope you bounce right back....especially with the demanding "task" of selecting rent bois! Beautiful images! 4 - dropped jeans framing that beautiful ass - does it for me!

  2. Hope you feel better by this afternoon, Michael. ((Soft hugs))

  3. Please take very good care.of your self. You are a very special soul, a rare mixture of compassion, kindness, straightforwardness, and sexiness.
    You have many good friends who need you, not in the dependent way, but in the uplift way.

  4. Rest up, drink plenty of fluids : ) I'm sure you can find a cock to take your temperature - take it easy but hard : ) Hope you feel better soon, buddy. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Cheers, AOM

  5. "And as far as what I will be looking for........ is how their Cum tastes."
    so importat thing to be investigated!let usknow you those rentboys are! them and their cum!


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