Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Twos for Tuesday...Good Buddies!

                Good morning dear friends!  Let me take a moment,while I adjust my Balls.... to thank you for stopping by.  I see in my Stats. I must have quite a few new readers. How cool is that!  After all these years, new guys find the blog. So a big welcome to all of you new readers. Please stop rubbing on your Dick long enough to at least say hello in a comment or send me an email.
                Ok.... it is Tuesday,  and Tuesday I always post photos of two guys doing stuff.  And what they are often doing is just enjoying being buddies. And doing things that buddies often do with each other. Like..lets say your buddy happens to mention that his Butt Hole is Itching.... a good buddy will lean over and lick that itchy Hole. Right? Or say..your buddy mentions that his Balls are feeling rather heavy.... a good buddy might figure the best thing to do is to Suck on his Dick and release some of the tension.  Or did you over hear him tell his Partner that he was not getting enough Sex.... and as a good friend you offer to Fuck him right then and there.
            Good buddies are one of the best things  in life.  And a good buddy will do anything for you. And if you happen to need a good dose of Cum in your face... he will of course do his Buddy duty and let the Cum flow. 
          I am very lucky to have such buddies!  How about you?  


  1. A good buddy will certainly at least offer...

  2. I agree. A good buddy is the best. Always willing to lend a helping hand or sucking lips or open hole or a lovely splash of cum. They are true blessings in life. Thanks for the inspiration and for all you do for us. Wishing you a Magical Day, buddy. Cheers, AOM

  3. Love the Twos (and good buddies sure are great)!
    1 & 2 - awesome poses, forms!
    Penultimate - love having my hand on a hot ass ....and a buddy's firm grip on mine!
    Super post!

  4. they're so sweet together!!!!


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