Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sex is Good!

            Good morning!  Welcome to Queer Heaven!  Queer Heaven is a state of mind. A safe place to put all your inhibitions away. A place to let your Dick out and let him go where ever he wants to go. Let him do what ever he wishes.  Forget about all the rules...forget what you were taught as a kid.  Don't let those negative ideas about Sex stay with you.  Sex is good!
          Sex is a joyous thing....a spititual act that is so essential to your well being, that you should be engaging in it multiple times a week.  And as far as I see it.... with many different partners. I truly believe that we need to share ourselves.  I believe that we should be open to all types of sexual encounters. I believe in order to be a totally whole man, we should be out there and letting our Dicks do what comes naturally.
         Grab your Dick and listen to what he is telling you..... Grab your Balls and shove them in your best friend's mouth.  Show your Dick to someone new.  Let your Dick explore your brother's furry hole.  Reach over and lick on that Dick that is next to you in the restroom.  Open your hole to as many Dicks as you please. Savor the glorious variety tastes of Cum that are out there.
         Go ahead and be a little slutty.  Be rauncy, be sweaty, be messy, be in Queer Heaven!


  1. Great post! I gotta remember to get my slutty self out there more. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sex is such a natural part of life...I don't know why we make such a fuss over it in this country; why we have never shed the Puritan attitudes. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy your weekend!

  3. "Go ahead and be a little slutty. Be rauncy, be sweaty, be messy, be in Queer Heaven!" I'm trying to be in such way, because dick is good and is my GOD!

  4. You are definitely an encourager for men to express themselves sexually and that is so great!


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