Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dicks, Dicks & Dicks

              Good morning my sweet friends!   Thanks for dropping by today!  It has been awhile since I reminded you all of how important it is to make sure that your Dick is happy.  I don't mean making sure he cums alot and gets to venture into some asses and mouths.  I mean in order for him to be truly happy, he needs to be healthy!  Of course cumming often is extremely important to his health, so also is making sure there are no lumps or bumps on his balls.    So..grab those balls and feel them good.  If  you feel anything that seems like it is not right...then maybe something is wrong.  If so..take that dick to your doctor right away! 
            Another thing you should notice is how your piss stream is.... it should be strong and free flowing and feel good.  If anything seems off.... it could be a bladder or prostate problem. This is not just for us older guys... young guys can have problems in that area also. 
           And one more thing.... your Cum.   If you notice any change in the amount your shoot or in the thickness.... tell your doctor.   And this next one is a little harder... what does your cum taste like?  Every guy's tastes a little different, so there is not clear answer.  The best way for you to know, is to taste yours often.... depending on what you have should taste about the same all the time. 
Or better yet...just ask your buddy how yours tastes.  


  1. Good advice. Also, guys should take a good close look at their cum. Traces of pink or red could be an indication of ball cancer.

  2. you and whkattk are angels of health!


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