Friday, May 22, 2015

His first Fuck

     Lift your legs a little higher.  
Let yourself go. 
 Be calm, be quiet.  Be still. 
 Let my fingers touch you. Let my tongue taste you. 
You see, I told you that would feel good. 
 Now bend your knees and relax. 
 This is going to hurt at first. 
This is going to burn a little. 
This is going to give you such pleasure. 
 Now take a deep breath, I'm sliding in.
  No, no relax.   Ah yes, that is better. 
 You see, I told you it would be good. 
 Go ahead and grab your dick and rub. 
 I'll pump and you jerk.  And we can come at the same time.


  1. Yes ! Beautiful ! Absolutely beautiful. The first time is so much better when you have a good teacher.

  2. Would love to experience it!


  3. Maybe I would've enjoyed it had I had a teacher such as yourself.

  4. it's likje a poem!

    Thanks for your comment on my

    Happy saturgay


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