Friday, May 8, 2015

So glad it is Friday!

            Good morning once again!   Have you made plans yet for your weekend?  I've decided that a full day lounging at the nude beach is just what I need.  So, hopefully this beautiful weather will hold out and Da Dick O'Mine will be able to enjoy some sun.  
            I mentioned the other day that I was going to host a Good Bye Fuck Party for Max.  Well, it is going to be this Sunday afternoon.  I talked to him about it and he thought it would be real fun. I askeed him who he wanted me to invite....since he will be the one getting it up the Ass.  He gave me 5 names.  4 of them I know and the other one is new to me.  And of course Mark and his Dick will be there. 
        Ok.... here is my problem?  I have hosted many, many parties in the past and do a good job of it.
But I have never hosted one where the sole purpose is to let the honoree get Fucked by each and every guest. I need to figure out what kind of food to serve?  I mean...really... if we all are fucking all afternoon, we will have to eat.  


  1. Keep the food light...snack-type finger foods. Nothing that will cause intestinal distress; that means no cauliflower or broccoli, no eggs. Small sandwiches could work, along with some chips, and a fruit bowl maybe.

    My jack-off group always had those kinds of things available for the guys and it was always appreciated.

  2. how cool, a menu for a Fuck Party. I think keep it light. Oh, love your new photo at the top.

  3. enjoy your party!!!!!

    and my last post:

    cummed kisses


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