Friday, June 5, 2015

A little more about Bobby

         Good morning!  Well, yesterday's post was sure a walk down memory lane!  I gather you want to know more.  Not much to tell really.  Bobby & I started eating eachother's cum long ago.
         We were both slutty Twinks running around New York City. He was slightly beef with long dark brown hair. His Cut Dick was long and thin and was covered with hair. His Pubes were never trimmed and his armpits always smelled of sweat. 
         The two of us would hook up with some guy and give him all we both had. Being in our very early 20's it was so easy to have any type of sex we wanted with whomever we wanted to. But up unit that last Dick was his favorite.  One great thing about my time with him was that he taught me how to take 2 Dicks up the butt at the same time.  A very useful thing to know!  After he took his Dick and walked out of my little flat...I never heard from him again.  Surprisingly. I still have a ratty old jock strap of his tucked away in my drawer of sexual memories. 
        I have not done the Double Dick Fuck in a long time...I wonder if this old Queer can still do it?
Maybe I should give it a try this weekend!


  1. Hot post! You have a sexual memories drawer? I want to know more!

  2. Well, maybe you should hit the Turkish Baths this weekend and find out!

  3. enjoy your double fucking, beginning a relaxing action in a Turkish Bath, as suggested by whkattk

    my last post:

    Can't miss a single post of your blog!!!

  4. What great memories of Bobby! Can I take a peek in that sexual memories drawer? LOL!


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