Friday, June 12, 2015

The weekend is for Sexing!

           Good morning!  Pull down your pants and relax with me for a little chat. is Friday and time to think about what type of sexing you will do over this weekend.   Exactly what are you feeling you might like to do?   Or better yet...... should the question be WHO would you like to do?   
           There is that guy you see at the gym... he has a beautiful firm ass.   There is a quiet slender guy you work with who has the most delectable looking lips.   Or maybe your best friend's husband is your fancy.   Oh.... you say your brother is in town....does he need your Dick in his mouth again?  
           A trip to a local public restroom might be more to youe liking. Or the back room of a dirty dingy bar?  Maybe you need a Dick in your ass and a Dick in your mouth?  Maybe this weekend you feel the need to spread your legs and open your butt hole.  Or does the thought of having a creamy load of cum splashed on your face sound good?  
       So...... what is your Dick telling you he wants?  And most importantly are you going to listen and let him have his way? 
      Me?    Well..William's Blue Haired Twink needs servicing.... and it is my turn.

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  1. my dick tells me how much he'd love to be sucked and milked!


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