Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

           Good morning my horney friends!   Thank you all so much for your support!  I do have a number of emails to return, I promise I will do so.  I love hearing from all of you. And most of all I love the comments!!  So, do not forget to leave a comment here after you have seen the post and put your Dick back in his underwear.
          William's Blue Haired Twink needs his ass filled on a daily basis.  William is still on the mend from his surgery and his Dick is sort of staying soft for the time being.  So... our little group of fuckers has been taking turns and doing the deed.  
          It was Randy's turn yesterday.  I had gone over to see how William was feeling and as we sat on his balcony...Randy and the Twink were getting to business in the bedroom.... and they were making lots of loud noise.  I am not totally sure what Randy was doing to the Twink... but it sure sounded like they were having tons of fun!


  1. what a pleasure to comment your posts! I can't miss a single one!

  2. That's what sex should be in a relationship.

  3. Going to have to try and recreate that shaving cream shot! Looks hot! Messy, but hot!

  4. Love the cream shot, too, but was hoping it was whipped cream....what a tasty treat to lick it up! LOL! Happy Tuesday is a excellent, hot shot!


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