Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

             Good morning!  It is so nice to see you here this morning.  I've noticed there a quite a few new readers lately.  I am so glad you found my little blog!  I hope you drop your pants and stop by often.   I  have not done this in a very long timer and figured since so many of you are new here I would give you a list of a few of my favorite things!!
             Number one and foremost.... A strongly scented Cut Dick surrounded by a full Pubic Bush.
 I enjoy my Vodka cocktails, large cups of strong black coffee and I do smoke.  Slightly dirty white underwear briefs get me hard rather quick.
             Sliding Da Dick O'Mine in a furry tight Hole is close to perfection.  Underarms....the sweatyer the better.  I completely adore the feel of last night's dried cum in my Pubes.  I enjoy seeing a pile of used condoms.   
             I am mad for Opera, Modern Art, Jazz and Ballet.  I love watching old black and white movies.  I can go crazy over some really hot porn.  Annie Lennox is just the greatest singer ever.
             I relish the taste of Cum.... I swoon over the taste of Butt Holes.... Drop a pair of Balls in my mouth and......
            I enjoy playing both Top and Bottom.  I find sucking on a new Dick very special.  And Fucking a guy I just met moments before is what often keeps me sane.   
           I like fingers up my butt....I like Dildos and other toys up my butt.  I love the feel of hot piss on my chest.  I get a thrill watching a guy in a public restroom take his leak.
          I enjoy watching one of my fuck buddies who I have fucked hundreds of times getting fuck by some random dude in the woods. I love being naked at the beach.... I guess I just love my Queer life.


  1. It's a full and varied life - and obviously joyous. As it should be!

  2. a very beautiful and effective summery of your life!

  3. The 5th picture, love this man's "bad guy" attitude.
    So freakin' sexy!!!

  4. 5 is so hot...even if one guy still has his pants on!
    Penultimate - love that ass...especially with that finger so wonderfully probing that sweet hole!
    Ultimate...always hot!
    Great post!


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