Saturday, July 4, 2015

Talking to William yesterday

    are bringing a new guy to my BBQ? 
 Is he cool with possibly getting naked around others.
  Ha! I think this guy would get naked on a bus if someone asked him to! 
 Where did you meet him? a quite dirty public restroom.
 Oh, I see. 
  Yeah.... when I walked in some guy was sucking on his Dick and I had to watch. 
 You just watched?  
Well..not really.  I reached over and held his Balls while this other guy sucked him off.  He came on my hand & licked it up and left.
     The next day I saw him again on the Beachwalk. this time he came back to my place and Fucked me silly!  Wait until you see and Taste his Dick! One of the best in a long time.  
 Why don't you bring him early to the BBQ and I will sample the goods before the rest get here. 
 My pleasure!


  1. And how do I get an invitation to this BBQ? Sounds like some tasty meat will be served! LOL!


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