Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Twos for Tuesday

           Hello my friends!  Thanks once again for dropping by.  It is sort of a sad day here at Queer Heaven.  One of my dear sweet wonderful Fuck Buddies is leaving our little beach town.  The delectable, funny and always tasty Marc is leaving!  Damn I will miss him and his amazing Ass!  He is heading north to relocate where his beloved brother Max is living.  In reality, I did wonder how long these two Brothers could stay apart.  I have never met 2 people who are more commited to each other than they are.  If it was possible.... I am sure they would even get married to each other! 
          Marc was very naked sitting on the couch dripping with  cum on his chest...when he stood up and just came right out and told me he was moving away to be with his brother.  " I will miss you and our friends so much, but I miss Max so much much more"  He has not told the rest of our little bunch.
        I asked him if I could host a farewell Sex party for him.  He thought that was a sweet idea. 
  He looked at me and with a tiny tear in his eye he said "this litte group are some of best people I have ever known, yes... throw a little party and let me fuck each of you one more time"


  1. Ah...you did call that shot. Well, they must be happy, and if that means he follows Max, he follows. Perhaps they will come for a visit once in a while. It's very nice of you to see him off in such a grand manner!

  2. Oh, that is kinda sad. Oh well, lighten up buddy. :) Enjoy the pics.

  3. yes, sad, but the love between them is stronger, and that is nice!


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