Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday at home today

                 Hi Guys!   Well how is your day going?  So glad you decided to drop by and hopefully get hard and leave me a comment.  Me?   I decided to call in and not go to work today.  I was just enjoying watching porn and letting Da Dick O'Mine feel good... and just did  not feel like dealing with  any customers today.
                 It has bee rather nice hanging out here naked and letting my Boner just bounce around.  I was almost ready to cum when I decided to hold off a little.... and I am so glad I new Surfer Dude Buddy was walking by my place, when he saw my bike parked he knew I was most likely home........
               Yep.... he took my Boner and really had fun with it. His beautiful firm Ass opened up as he sat on me....and like any good bottom he just bounced away....As he was.... my phone was my boss!   I'm trying to tell the boss I will not be in...all the time Surfer Dude continues to bounce away....Fuck....Fuck...Fuck....I almost Came while still talking to my boss!!!  
               Right now.... Surfer Dude is curled up in my bed....what a sight...and the entire room smells of SEX! I'll post this then go over and maybe eat on his Balls for lunch.....!!!


  1. Great post, QH! Love the first image...awesome cock (I'd love to open up and bounce on that stiff member) and hot guy on the screen!

  2. and the entire room smells of SEX!

    you can't imagine how this idea sends me in Paradise (or in the Hell)


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