Thursday, September 3, 2015

Last night.......

               He reached inside my shorts and grabbed my balls. 
He squeezed them hard.
 He turned to make sure no one was around.
  My shorts are down..... his wet mouth is on my Dick...... His finger up my Ass. 
 I can't hold it much longer. 
  I Cum in his mouth. 
 He grabs my head.... He returns my Cum to me. 
 He needs to leave.... his wife is waiting.


  1. Hot! But, I have to add that it is very kind that you don't judge this young man... Having and loving a wife does not mean a guy doesn't crave cock as well. He did you a service, but you did him a service, too.

  2. Good sexy bodies, big cocks but circumcised!

  3. Almost all cocks are circumcised and some heve a horrible circumcision scar.As a women I find that aweful:botched circs!

  4. The handsome boy who has an Asiatic sculpture behind him has a cute face, a beautiful body has a cock which makes me hot, I would like that teen in my bed,I am sure his performance will be awesome!

  5. so short story and so deeply intense!!!


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