Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nothing much today

          Good morning my faithful readers!  And welcome to the new readers!  If you are new here, thank you somuch for dropping by.   You should know that I have one little rule as you read my daily posts...... Drop your pants and go ahead and rub on your Balls.
          I don't want to dissapoint any of you..but..I really have nothing to say this morning.  I am meeting Waiter Guy tonight after work for a drink... he has a new Fuck Buddy he wants to tell me all  about. And how he happened to meet him.   I am sure I will hear all the sex stuff also.
          So...... till tomorrow morning.... have a great day and please,please make sure you Cum a couple of times today!


  1. Hey, maybe he'll introduce you to this new Fuck Buddy... :-D

  2. Loved the pics featured in this post!

  3. no cumming dfor Xersex, because he must save his milk for his Sunday orgias!


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