Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Sufer Dude.... YES!

           I could smell him as he opened the front door.  He was bare chested and an old torn pair of shorts hung low on his hips.  This guy, this Sufer Dude, this Fat Dicked Guy, this new play thing.  
I could tell right away he had not had a real shower in days. He was really ripe.  
         Randy was sitting on the floor in his underwear eating some chinese carryout.  He looked up and almost choked.  I introduced them.... and in an instant Surfer Dude had his shorts down and his Beautiful Fat Dick in Randy's mouth without speaking a word.
       And so the rest of the evening went. His Dick was in and out of both Randy and me.  Our mouths got filled or Butt Holes got filled.  And this Dude Came so often, I don't even remember how many times.   Totally exhausted and completely covered with sweat and Cum Surfer Dude sat in the corner to eat some of the food.... he looked up and said "This is why I love this town of yours, you locals are so friendly!"


  1. sure sounds like that dude is right. you and your friends are friendly for sure.

  2. your words are most evocative and erotic on the net!!!!

  3. A few manly men I'd like to have. :D


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