Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hello My friends!

          Yes.... that is me and my belly!  It is late Friday night and I am getting my mind, my soul and my Dick ready to head out for the next 2 days for Nude Meditation and lots of Cum.  I am scheduling the you hopefully will see it Saturday morning while you are having your morning coffee and jerk off.  Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.
We walk along the road of life wondering where we are headed.  I hope that all of you have realized that it really does not matter where you are headed.  Of course the point of being here on earth this time is to take the journey.  And while on that journey one of the most imporant things to always try to remember.... be totally true to who you are.  Forget what others may say.... you are the glorious you!  You are super special.  You have the ememce pleasure of being a Gay Man in this lifetime .If not totally Gay, at the least you appreciate Dicks and Butts.   Be open, be happy and go and let your Dick lead the way for you.  Let him take you places you have not been before.  You will not be sorry!


  1. Beautiful words as always. And super photos. I know you will have a good time at your getaway.

  2. My gosh! Where is this?? Sounds great!!

  3. Sounds wonderful! I like your little belly.

  4. Everyone is unique and special. Beautiful words! Have a great weekend!

  5. fantastic words and images as usual!

    Xersex &


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