Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just Wednesday

         I was wondering why so many guys are so shy about letting thier Dicks hang free.  By free I mean geting naked and walking around and enjoying the breeze on your balls.   Are the ashamed of the size of their Dick?   Or is it something more deep about being naked in fromt of others?  
         I don't get it!  Your body and what you have is yours.  You should be proud of what you have.  Listen.... as my regular readers know... I am no spring chicken and do not have a perfect body..but I have always had no problem showing off what hangs between my legs.  
       So..I think you all need to get outside and let your Dick hang out proud for others to see.  Go to your GYM and walk around naked.  Go tp a public restroom and walk around with a hard Dick. Or just go to your back yard and get naked!


  1. Anyone who reads my blog (or my comments here) knows I follow that advice regularly. Been proud of my cock, proud of my boners, and unashamed of my balls, since my days in the military when we all walked around swinging free. I walk naked around the spa, take nude hikes, hit nude beaches every chance I get, and most certainly am always naked lounging in my back yard or floating around in the pool.

  2. be naked is so sexy! it'd be even sexier not wearing underwears, expecially in summer!

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