Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Few of my favorite things.

           Good morning my friends!  I hope all is good with you and your Dick is very happy!  I know from the emails there are a few new readers to join us here. So since I have not done this in a long while, here is a list of a few of my favorite things in no special order.
         Just like the photo above I love a full beautiful Pubic Bush.  And of course I love a Cut Cock. I adore a guy who is confident and self assured about who he is.  I enjoy a fat Dick up my Ass.  I love the feeling of shoving Da Dick O'Mine in a tight furry hole.  I swoon over a deeply scented set of sweaty arm pits.  I love my vodka, I love a good slab of crispy bacon, I love the taste of Cum on my lips.
        I enjoy watching a guy take a piss.  I enjoy letting him shower me with his piss. I enjoy dark dirty restrooms. I enjoy licking a Dick that is covered with Cum.  I enjoy A Dick in my mouth and another Dick up my Butt.
      I like spending time with my Fuck Buddies, either separately or in a group.  I like the unexpected wonder of a random dude as he pulls down his underwear for the first time.  I love Balls.  

      I am a major fan of Opera, Broadway music, Jazz and anything by Annie Lennox. I love being a full fledged Queer!


  1. Happy Wednesday! Those things are all worthy of loving.

  2. I love reading how you love who you are. That is something everyone should embrace. Thanks for sharing!

  3. didn't know you love operas! so I do, and I love classic music as well! and reading a lot, but sex it's my first thought & pleasure!

  4. Not surprised at all that those are your fave things. :)


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