Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Greg... My Love...

             He was tall thin and hairy. He had a smile that would knock you off your seat.  His laugh was amazing, his tears were even more amazing.  He was opinionated and rude. He was soft and sweet. He was mesmerizing.  He walked in a room and all eyes were on him.  He could dance like a whore. He could sing like an angel.  
            His Dick was Cut. His Dick was long. His Balls were full and hung low.  His Butt was round and firm. His Hole was red and furry.  He always had the scent of sardines about him. His Cum tasted like wild woody mushrooms.  His Ass Hole tasted like Heaven. 
           When we first Fucked, he cried like a baby. When he came, he always sneezed. When he slept he dripped precum. When we kissed in the morning he tasted of all the Vodka we had drunk. 
            When he was smashed to pieces by a passing truck....I was shattered! He was gone! 
                   25 years ago we made love...25 years ago we were....25 years ago we were!  


  1. What a touching post. I really didn't expect the final paragraph. How heartbreaking. It does sound though that you have many beautiful memories of Greg. Sending you much love and hugs. Thank you for sharing such a touching tribute to Greg.

  2. so often QH touches a marvellous sense of poetry!

  3. Beautiful and touching post, so eloquently completed with the closing photo.


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