Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday is only sunday

    My friends.... Good morning!  Thank you for dropping by today!  I am so glad you decided to spend a few minutes with me.  I am just amazed that I keep getting all these emails from readers. A few of you I gather from your emails, that you have been reading these posts for quite a long time.  I will answer all of you.
   The thing that is really quite upsetting for me.. is to read them and find out that it seems there are quite a few of you that are not doing your duty as a Gay Man in 2016 by enjoying the pleasures of Sexing on a regular basis!!!  All I can say not waste this gift of being Gay! Find a way to get out there and share your Dick and your Ass and most importantly Share your Cum!

  Ok.........yesterday...ah yesterday! A wonderful naked party!  20 nude older guys, eating and drinking and just totally enjoying the sun and being naked. I seem to spend most of my naked time with thin non hairy guys... so it was totally different here... these were mostly big hairy bears.
  Our host was completely jolly the whole day.  I think he got to taste each and every one of us at some point.  Me?  Well, I had decided before I arrived I wanted to play the bottom for the afternoon.
And, I can tell you that my Hole got a work out!!!  I did get to taste some delicious Cum and shared mine with a couple of the guys.   

        Back to what I was saying at the beginning of this post..... get out there! If you are just too shy or unsure of yourself.... check the internet in your area and looe for a group of guys who get together for some naked fun.  I guarantee you that if you are in a room of a few nude dudes, and you drop your will loose all your inhibitions. And you will do what you were ment to do.  Be Sexual.


  1. Another wonderful post and photos. I am on of your readers that has bee reading you for years. I will take this time to let you know Mr Heaven, that you have changed me and the way I look at my sexual life.
    Thank you so much!!!!

  2. glad to read you enjoyed so much!
    today a swallower told me my cum is so good tasting. Can't mean how much I felt proud of myself!

  3. I like the idea of finding a couple of guys that would get naked and a hot tub may be the trick to get things started. Thanks for sharing your fun with us.



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