Saturday, May 14, 2016

Follow up from yesterday's post.

            I got there in just a few minutes, he lives around the corner.  I did not bother to shower, Remember he was in a hurry. My shorts were on the floor as soon as I arrived.  There he was exactly like he said.  Naked and his lubed Ass waiting.  As an older guy, I don't get super hard really quick.  But I was surprised that at this moment Da Dick O'Mine stood up totally hard and ready.
           I've fucked this one before so I remembered how tight his hole is.  Condom on and in I went. He reached around anf grabbed my Ass.  We flip over and he sits on Da Dick O'Mine and bounces and bounces.  He is almost ready to Cum. I pull out of that lovely hole and put his dick in my mouth and take his full spicy load.  the condom off..he sucks me till I Cum.  I get up and slide my shorts on and head out.  Remember his boyfriend is on his way home.
        Ok........the thing this guy does not know is that I also do some hot sexing with his boyfriend once in awhile.    Neither of them know that I am enjoying both of them!    


  1. Hot stuff, I was wondering how that all went.

  2. I bet YOU are! enjoy my last post:

  3. Perhaps if they knew...there could be some really great threesomes for you all!


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