Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rub your stuff

             Good morning my friends!  I see I have a few new readers.  Welcome to the world of Queer Heaven.  It is a world that I hope you all take part in. I mean doing your duty as a Man and have as much sex as you can handle.
              My regular faithful readers know that I love to Fuck and Suck and be Fucked.  But I will admit that one of he great pleasures of being a guy is to be alone and just enjoy pleasuring myself.  For me the best part of jerking off is that I do not have to think about pleasing a partner.  I can enjoy this at my own speed.  I can do it anyway I please.  
            I can sit back and take an hour just edging if I want to.  I can do a quick 3 minute rub and cum if need be.  I could shove a banana up my hole if I am in the mood.  whatever...the possibilities are endless! 
           This morning just at dawn, I took Da Dick O'Mine out side and sat on the steps and did not care if any neighbor was watching and really had a good time rubbing away until I popped a nice morning load.  Let us all know...where and how is your favorite place to Jerk Off?


  1. My favorite place to jerk off is lounging around (or in) the pool.

  2. Kind of like a genie in a bottle. You wish came true! LOL!

    I have always enjoyed jacking in the shower. I love the sensation of water on my body.


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