Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday's Sermon....Have more Sex

              Good morning and welcome to Queer Heaven!  This is my world.  A world where inhibitions are gone and anything that does not hurt or harm another is fair game! A world the revolves around Butts and Balls and Dicks and Cum. A world that revolves around Sucking and Fucking and being Fucked.  In other open Gay life!
               It still amazes me how many emails I receive from readers who think that all the Sexing that is done here at Queer Heaven is out of the norm.  Well.... I am not any type of  expert on numbers....but it seems to me that Gay guys have lots and lots of sex partners.  One article I read recently said the average Gay guy has a minium of 200 Sexual encounters by the time he is 25.  And maybe my situation and my friends are a not good sample.... I know for a fact that my fuck buddies all have had way more than 200 encounters.  As for me?   My dear friends.... I stopped counting when I was 19!!
            Anyway...the point of this post this lovely Sunday is.........Do your self a favor and be true to your nature.....please have as much Sex as you can.  and if the Sexing is with many diffeent partners...more the better!

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