Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Twos for tuesday

What is more important to you?  A firm tight Ass or a tasty hard Dick?
     That question was asked of me on Sunday at that pool party.  To be honest, I did not know how to answer. Both are quite important to me. And  if I really think about it and try to come up with an answer.  I most  likely would say the Tasty Dick.  As much as I enjoy a good Ass and Butt Hole, there is just something so liberating about taking a Dick in your mouth. Sucking and licking it.... getting it hard....knowing that any time soon, those great gobs of delicious creamy Cum are going to fill your mouth. Fucking is great. But a mouthful of Cum is what it is all about.  Well....at least that is what I think. 


  1. Great set of images! 1 & last are exceptionally fine...so sensual and elegant!
    ...as to the the question, for me a hard cock up a tight ass is the driving force!

  2. Can't answer, because I'm not so much into anal! I'm only top but surely versatile orally!

  3. I always am in lust for a dick. Where ever I can have it. My own, someone else's. Mouth, Hand, Ass, Chest, Dick. Rub, it or put it anywhere, and I'm happy.


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