Saturday, July 9, 2016

Keep That Dick of yours happy!

What is a Happy Dick?  Do you have a Happy Dick?  If you don't..why?
           As men, the glorious thing that hangs between our legs, Is there for two reasons. One of course is to eliminate our urine.  The other is as a delivery system for our Sperm.  One of the wonderful things about this appendage is that it feels so good to take a piss and feels amazing to shoot a great load of Cum.
          Where you Piss is totally up to you, just the same for where you decide to deposit your Cum.  And I am sure you realize the more often you Cum the happier you will be. Likewise the more often you Cum the healthier you will be.  Jerking of often is a wonderful way to take care of these urges.
But if you listen to your Dick....he will tell you that rubbing him is just not enough. He wants you to give him a wet place to enjoy.  You know.... a sloppy wet mouth...a dripping ready tight Ass.
      So get your Dick out and let him have some major fun today.  And be ready to give your Cum to in multible loads.  It is so much fun to dump you cum in a few random mouths.   Being a Gay guy gives you such a better chance of doing this than any of your Straight guy friends. You are lucky tohave been born Gay.... take advantage of this gift!    


  1. I try to keep my dick happy but I am always open to someone helping me make it happier! LOL!

  2. Well, being on Fire Island currently, my dick is having quite a nice vacation too! Great post. I found you through Whk and Cali-boi.

  3. A happy dick is a healthy dick. A healthy dick is one which gets used often. The more you get it hard, the more you shoot those loads, the healthier it is for you.


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