Saturday, July 2, 2016

Me... The Sucking Queer!

          Good morning Guys!   I'm sitting here in yesterday's dirty underwear.  They most definately are  Cum stained. I have not showered either yet and my underarms and my crotch are sending very strong notes to my nose.  I still have a bit of a Vodka buzz and It feels like Da Dick O'Mine might want to Cum again.
          Let me back up a little to yesterday evening.  I has a super stressful day at work. So I decided to stop at a little sleezy bar on the way home for a nice cold Vodka and tonic.  I've known the bartender for years.... so he kept the drinks coming. After a couple, I get up and head to the restroom to take a long well deserved piss.  I'm standing at the urinal doing my thing when this young dude in cutoffs and no shirt...pulls out his Dick and looks at me and says "Suck me Daddy"
        Well.........! Why not??  We went into one of the stalls. I dropped my jeans and sat on the john. His dick was in my mouth and I was totally enjoying it.  2 other guys walked in and before I knew it I was sucking on all three of them one at a time. When each was ready to Cum, I made sure to slurp up every drop.  
       I sat there alone for a couple of minutes whiping my mouth and licking my lips...when in walks 2 guys sort of my age. The tall one looked at me and said something like "I heard you is sucking dicks tonight"  And so it went!  I know this all sounds a little not real...but trust me... it was super real. 
      I was really enjoying myself..all this loucious Cum to drink!   Damn! Damn! Isn't this what being a Queer is all about?    


  1. this statement "I made sure to slurp up every drop" made my dick harder than diamond

  2. I am glad to see they gave you your reward. I also enjoy sucking cock, and I appreciate after giving pleasure he rewards me with his cum.


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