Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Sermon... Enjoying random Sex

           Good morning!  I am having a wonderfully relaxing morning so far.  After spending yesterday out with Randy searching for Dicks and finding two very willing Dicks to play with, I've been just sitting here basking in the glow of wet, sloppy sex.  The real fun sort of sex. The kind that has no purpose at all except to enjoy and cum.
         I gather from stuff I read on other blogs and articles and even a few emails fron readers..that so many guys are unhappy with their sex lives.  You often hear guys say they feel empty and not really involved with random sex partners.  I just do not understand them.  Sex is Sex and Fun is Fun. 
       Of course I totally agree that something even deeper happens when you are cuming with a special someone.  But, and this is just my own opinion...the rush of grabbing a hold of a new stranger's Dick is so, so thrilling.  Or like yesterday to watch a good fuck buddy bend over and let a massive Brazilian Dick pound the ass that I know so well. Or like later in the afternoon in the corner of a public restroom Da Dick O'Mine came in a total stranger's mouth as he came on the floor. Sorry guys..that was HOT! 
      I guess when you start your sex life like I did at such a young age...and with majorly trashy guys in trashy dive bars...the thrill just does not leave.  Ah and the love of total random sex has never lost it's luster.    
    I know a few of you do not agree with me... well, it is how I live and as always I have no apologies!  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hunting for a new Dick.

           Good morning and Happy Saturday!   I know you willnot mind that I have chosed some beautiful cut Dicks for today's post again!   I will admit, all that has been on my mind this entire week  are Dicks. Really!  I have been craving a new Dick or two lately. Don't get me wrong...there is nothing wrong with all my regular buddy's Dicks... I just feel like it is time for a new one. There is just something so inviting and almost thrilling when you pull down the pants on a new guy and out pops his Dick. I guess it really should not be so amazing to me..... since I have pulled down quite a few hundred in my time.  But that first sight of a new one always gets me deep in my soul. 
        And since I am living here in this Hor Sexy Beach Town...I will have no problem I am sure.  I was planning on just biking around until I saw a good candidate .... but then I was mentioning it to Randy..and he wants to join me in the search.  And Randy is so cute in his little summer shorts and no shirt,he is hard to resist.  There is a small Gay Cafe on the beach across from the Ocean. That is where we are gonna meet and have breakfast and begin our prowling.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Questions

                Good morning good friends!    I am so glad you found the time to drop by.  I hope you also have dropped your pants and are enjoying your Balls.  My air conditioner is on the fritz, so all I have is a fan going and I will be honest with balls are sweaty! I even think my butt hole is dripping some sweat!  
              Anyway...before I go jump in the shower and do my morning jerk off then head to work... I have a couple of questions for you..any of you or all of you...Does the size of a Guy's Dick really matter to you?  And another question... would you rather suck on a big fat Dick or a medium one?  And lastly when you are Fucking... what position do you like best?
         I am not sure if I will be posting tomorrow or not.... but if I don't have a major sexy weekend.