Monday, October 20, 2014

A Bevy of Boners

              Good morning my friends!  How was your weekend?  I sure hope you did your duty as a gay man and had some really good cum!  After Saturday's adventure, I sort of hung around the apartment most of yesterday. It really is true what they say...the more sex you have the more sex you want to have.  After all the fun this older Queer had on Saturday, Da Dick O'Mine should have been more than satisfied!  But no!  He wanted more.  As a mater of fact he decided to stay mostly hard all day! 
             He did "force" me to rub a decent load out early in the morning.  Then, while watching cable and eating a late breakfast...he pops up again and is ready for more.  Marc called to find out all about the Saturday Fuckfest he could not attend.... and before I realized it Da Dick O'Mine was telling me to tell him to "get his ass over here"!
             Well...... Marc's ass is firm and round and his hole was just what I wanted.  He arrived with a full boner in his shorts. He  had just shaved his balls and they looked like a pair of eggs hanging between his legs. His hole was quite ready for me as we drank an early afternoon cocktail. Da Dick O'Mine did his stuff and came just as Marc's Dick shot it's load across the room. 
            We were both sitting there sweaty and quite satisfied when Marc looked at me and said.
"You do have one of my favorite Dicks!"   That made Da Dick O'Mine stand to attention once again.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

On the ride back from The Fucking.... 2AM

           Me:  Well guys did you have fun?
          Randy: Are you kidding..... that guy was awesome. His Butt was great.
        Waiter Guy: This dude really knows how to bottom.  He took each of us and was ready for more.
        Me: He said his brother taught him.
         Me:  Watching you two Fucking him was such a major pleasure. 
         WG: And his brother wasn't so bad either!  I never tasted a Dick that was that good. Really!
         R: I know, It was a strangely peppery taste.
         WG: And the kid's Ass tasted of that possible?  
         R: I loved the way his hole was so pink and hairy.
         Me: When the brother told me he wanted to Fuck me with that hugh Dildo, I was not sure.
         R: I saw the look on your face!  But took the whole thing then let his Dick do it.
         WG:  You looked so totally happy while he was pounding you.
         Me: Oh yeah!  But the best part was when we circled that guy and we each came on his face     and then the brother leaned over and licked it all up.
         R:  Hey I am hungry, lets stop for pancakes.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fucking is serious business..... and fun!

             Good morning!  Thanks for being here.  You do realize that you are why I have a blog.  Yes you!  Well...part of it is I enjoy writing and telling tales of my life and my sexual and spiritual journey. 
            If you happen to be new here..... One of the things you must remember about me.... I have a strong belief that man to man sexing is not only a healthing thing to be doing, but also a major spiritual thing.    I know you might think that Fucking and Sucking many,many random guys could not possibly be spiritual.  But the way I see it..... what could be more soul searching & spiritual than sharing your most intimate parts with another man.
       Ok, so now that you understand where my head is coming from.... on to today's excursion.  Randy, Waiter Guy and I are driving up to meet with a cute guy and his older brother, for a Fucking good time..... I hope!   
       The plans are to meet at a cafe for a late lunch and to check these 2 brothers out.   I understand that the brother & I are suposed  to watch as Randy & Waiter Guy Fuck his 24 year old brother.  I am really into that!  I have watched Randy while he is Fucking before and he is so good at it, guys often laugh with delight. When Waiter Guy is Fucking he is more serious and shall I say strait forward about it. This is serious business for Waiter Guy.
     What will I be doing?  Ha! Did you really think I would just sit on the sidelines and watch?  No way.... I am sure I will want my turn!
      My question for you today is.... Is a planned sexing outing with friends something you have done before?