Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Good morning once again

             Good morning guys!   Well.... thanks for all the encouraging comments and emails!  You guys are just the best.  You really make me glad that I started this blog.... and most likely will continue it without the many photos of Hard Dicks or guys Fucking and Sucking...I will keep you all informed.
         But this morning... I need to get to work early....we have a massive Wedding this weekend & we have so  much shit to do!  So, I might not post tomorrow or Sunday morning.  But you can be sure I will be right back.  If I don't post over the weekend.... please do not let me down.... get your Dick out and let him play!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just figuring things out.

            Another short post this morning.  Oh, sorry I forgot to say good morning!   About this new no explicit sex photos that are coming our way as bloggers.... Da Dick O'Mine and I are giving it quite the talk.    I'm still not sure exactly what I will do.   I am pretty sure I will not take this blog private.
It makes totally no sense to go private. 
          I have really gotten use to sitting here with Da Dick out and chatting with you each morning.  I really thnk I have lots to say about being a good upstanding and sexually active Queer Guy!  And in reality (even if I don't like it) we could still have these morning chats without photos of Fully erect Dicks or beautiful furry Butt Holes getting pounded.  
       Since I have have been blogging I today's post happens to be number 1272... and I am not about to take the time to go through each post and delete what Google thinks is offensive.  So...I might just delete all the past post.   And stay right here at this address and tell my stories and give my advice with out those offending images.
        Oh........ forgot to tell you that that cute, shy former Vergin called to tell me he opened his hole for a friend of his and had a totally great time.