Monday, March 30, 2015

Mish-Mosh Monday

              Good morning my friends!   Well, the old guy here is finally feeling much better! I knew I was better when I awoke with major morning wood!  Da Dick is always a good bromoter for how the rest of your body is fairing.  It felt so good! So good in fact that i decided not to rub one out first thing.  I just relished the feeling. I let Da Dick O'Mine stay hard as I did my morning meditation and then sat in the corner and had my morning coffee. And I could tell that Da Dick O'Mine was happy also...because he just stayed hard and erect pointing to the heavens. 
           By the time I was finished my second cup of coffee.... he was oozing pre cum... so I guess that ment he wanted to cum.  Now remember I have not been out of bed, let alone out of the apartment since Friday. (I had not even showered) But I knew that a jerk off would not be enough.... so......
         I stuffed him in some shorts and threw on a tee shirt and went around the corner to that sucking neighbor guy.  For a change, I was the only one there and no one else was waiting. This guy did his duty and ended up with a major load of cum all over his face.  
        As much as I enjoy Fucking and being Fucked.....often a great morning blow job is just the best!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Saturday evening..... I had a visitor...

           First thing..... thanks for the well wishes.  But unfortunately I am still a little under the weather. I think I am much better than yesterday...but not completely ready to go out and be slutty. I guess I will just have to settle for hanging out here and try to enjoy rubbing on my balls.  
           And unfortunately I just could not get myself together enough last night to head over to William's to "taste test" those rentbois.  I did talk to William late last night and he assured me that he picked out 4 delicious dudes for the party.  The other major requirement,besides tasting good..they needed to have a full bushy bush.  And from what he told me...they all qualify. 
          Waiter Guy did come by for a visit after he finished work and before he went out looking for a new Butt Hole to fill.  He was so sweet...he brought me some Thai Peanut Noodles.  He sat on the edge of my bed in his brand new crisp white Calvin boxer briefs and had a beer while I ate and we talked.  Before he left he pulled out his Dick and dipped it in the peanut sauce and stuck it in my mouth.  
                       So....... I did at least have some cum mixed with peanut sauce for dessert.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

How often do you get to taste test a couple of rentbois?

           Hey there!  So, you found my blog! I hope you enjoy your visit.  Today's post might not be quite as thought provoking or sexually exotic as I often do.  Mainly because my poor body is aching all over.  I've been sneezing and coughing all night. I think I even had a slight fever.  UGH!  
          There is never a good time to be under the weather...but I had some really cool plans for the weekend.  Really!  How often do you get to taste test a couple of rentbois? You heard that right. Let me explain to what I mean if you are a new reader.  
       I have a long time friend, William who loves to give the really sexfilled parties a couple of times a year.   The special thing about these parties is that, instead of hiring waiters, he has rentbois for this. And these dudes are there not only to help with drinks & food but also to perform sexually with each other and to share all of their man parts with any guest that wants to. 
     And my friend William is super  picky and needs everything to be perfect. So...... he had asked me to help him "sample" the rentbois before he makes his final choice.  In the past he has had skinny,long dicked guys..another time they were all muscle bunnies... this year he has in mind dudes with really full, full pubic bushes and furry Butt Holes.   I told you he was picky.  
   Anyway, he has bought 5 guys for tonight.  We need to sample their wares and pick the three that will be the ones for the party next week.  I am determined to be well enough by 6pm today to get sexing with the young dudes.