Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ode to The Ass

Sucking Dicks is such fun.
Licking Balls is always good.
The taste of Armpits. just great.
Ah! The Ass!
That wonderful Ass.
A thing of Glory!
So round, So full, So firm!
The pink hole surrounded by wet fur.
So ready for fingers or a tongue or a good hard Dick.
What would life be without a good Ass to Fuck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday's Question

            So........ Is it possible to have too much sex?  Every once in awhile I will get an email or two from readers who ask just that question.  I really do not know how to answer that.  I only know what works for me.  Look at the guy in the photo above.... a good look?  Lets say you and he were spending the weekend together.  And he told you that he wanted to do sexual things with you every hour on the hour.  How would you react?  Be truthful!   I know that I would tell him that I would sure give it a try.  
          I know from checking my daily pageviews in the stats, that there are at least 100 of you that are reading this post. So...if you never have left a comment is the time.... I really want to know how you feel.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Twos for Tuesday

              Good morning guys!  Thanks for dropping by this morning.  And of course thanks for the comments and emails.  I have decided to take the day off from work today. Why? Well...The Dude with the Dick is a sleep in the other room and he is leaving town later today.  And I figure I need to play with that Dick some before he leaves. 
            He was out all night and did not return here until 7AM.  I was up and getting ready to begin my blogging when he got in.  He looked totally whipped out!  He did sit and have one more vodka before heading to sleep.  I have always admired rentbois... and this one is no exception!  He tells me he did 8 guys last night! And I could totally smell those guys on him.  
           He is off to Tampa today...... he has been booked for a group thing for one of his regular clients.  He will be back here in two weeks to be the centerpiece of William's Rentboi Party.  But, since he stays here with me for free..I get that Dick up my Butt today before he leaves.