Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July!

             Good morning guys!   As you can see...Da Dick O'Mine is ready for some cool weekend fun!
I am going to let him do whatever he wishes.  The first thing he is telling me is that he needs to get inside Randy's Butt hole.  It has been way too long. The next on his list is to make sure that William's Twink gets a good pounding while William is away.  William left Da Dick O'Mine in charge of this Twink.  And lastly Da Dcik wants to go hang out at a sleazy dirty place and get sucked by strangers.
           I really like all these ideas....and being one who listens to My Dick.... I shall follow through.
  How much sexing are you all planning for this weekend?  Details please!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tursday Sucking!

Wow! it is 3Pm and I just realized I did not add words for this post this morning!
I guess the photo speaks for it self. But I do have a question for all you Cock Sucking Guys.
What do you do if your Buddy just does not do a good job  of sucking on you? Do you tell him or do you get down on your knees and show him?  
When I was a young newbie Queer, Sucking Dicks just was as natural to me as eating a Turnip.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


           Good morning guys!  Thank you for spending a little time here.  And thanks for the emails!  And welcome to the new readers.... I hope that you new ones learn a little something about being a good and fully fledged Queer!
           I have a date tonight with a new Butt Hole.  I met it at that pool party and just could not pass this one up. This hole does not even need a name.  This hole was beautiful and seemed tototally enjoy having a few Dicks up there. Da Dick O'Mine did not get a chance to try it out  at the pool party ...but tonight I will.   I will let you all know how this hole tasted.