Sunday, July 5, 2015

The BBQ & Jake's Dick

              Good morning my good friends.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  As you know... My buddy William had a BBQ yesterday.   William's condo sits ocean front and he has a wrap around terrace on the 15th floor.  As with any party William hosts, there was piles and piles of food and drinks &  a bunch of friends.  Good friends, Sex friends.  And I brought a new friend.  Jake!
             The couple of times I have been with Jake, he has been sweaty and smelly and really not too clean.  Ok.... a little trashy.  But his Dick..OMG his Dick just kept calling me. So I wanted my friends to meet him.  Even though he really cleaned himself up yesterday.... he still had that amazing scent of sex all about him.  He wore a pair of very short shorts which hung low on his Butt.  And a red white and blue shirt unbuttoned to his tiny waist.  
          Ok.......let me just get to the good stuff..... At some point off came his shirt and down came those shorts and out popped his super glorious Cut Dick.  He stood there in the center of the room and  took that Dick in his hands.... he spit on it and began to jerk off.... almost as if no one else was in the room.  I knew this guy was far from shy.  Everyone was clapping and enjoying the show.  William was smiling as he watched....all he said was "please don't cum on my carpet!"   With that said.... Randy took off his shirt and laid on the floor just below Jake and said "cum on me!"
       Needless to say, this new friend was the total hit of the BBQ.  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Talking to William yesterday

    are bringing a new guy to my BBQ? 
 Is he cool with possibly getting naked around others.
  Ha! I think this guy would get naked on a bus if someone asked him to! 
 Where did you meet him? a quite dirty public restroom.
 Oh, I see. 
  Yeah.... when I walked in some guy was sucking on his Dick and I had to watch. 
 You just watched?  
Well..not really.  I reached over and held his Balls while this other guy sucked him off.  He came on my hand & licked it up and left.
     The next day I saw him again on the Beachwalk. this time he came back to my place and Fucked me silly!  Wait until you see and Taste his Dick! One of the best in a long time.  
 Why don't you bring him early to the BBQ and I will sample the goods before the rest get here. 
 My pleasure!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Just Friday Dicks

           Good morning!    Thanks so much for dropping by this morning.  I hope your sitting there rubbing on your Dick as you read today's post.  It sort of makes me feel good knowing that you might just get hard and cum before you finish reading what I have to post.
           Do you remember that New Dick I was playing with and did not know his name?  Well....last night while on an evening bike ride, I happen to see him walking along.  He was wearing the same grungy shorts he had on when we did the deed before. It was clear that he had no undies on and no shirt.  He was dripping wet from running.  He walked over to me and his sweaty aroma almost knocked me over! 
           I found out his name is Jake and after we went into the public restroom and he came on my underwear.... I invited him to join me at William's 4th of July BBQ.  I can't wait for my other Fuck Buddies to get a taste of his Dick!  
         One of my favorite things to do..... is to share a really good Dick with my friends!