Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trash !!!

               Hi guys!  Good morning!  You would think that an older Queer like me would be totally satisfied sexually, after my major romp at that Sex Club Saturday.  But Damn! Nope!  For some reason all that Fucking and Sucking, just made me hornier!!  I guess that old saying "the more you get, the more you want" is quite true. 
           But I will not have to wait long for a grand sex filled afternoon!  William's Rentboi party is this Sunday afternoon.  It is a brunch for a change. This time the theme is " Trash on Toast" And the color is Aqua.   He is always so cool with his themes. Not sure what this theme means..but I sure look forward to finding out.So to get my self in the mood.... well,  you know I am almost always in the mood..I figured a few photos of rather trashy guys was in order.
           I do have to say that the last photo here today is exactly what I think my ass will be doing on Sunday.  Wide open and ready for anything!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good morning!

             Good morning!   I shall take a moment to thank those of you who take the time to email me!  It really means a lot to me.  If I could cum on your face as a thank you.....I would!
             So I hear from Marc yesterday...he has been talking to Randy. Randy told him all about the fun he had at the sex club on Saturday night.  Now Marc wants to go!  He specially liked hearing about this one young dude who had one of the largest Dicks I have ever seen. ( I did not even try to do more with it than just lick on its head.)  Marc wants it.  He really has a major thing for Big Dicks! You know, the ones that make you cry when they try to open up your hole.  
            I got intouch with my friend who is the club member and we are setting up another evening where Marc, Randy & I can be his guests.  Guests pay $125 at the door and all the drinks are included.    It is well worth it!  I look forward to watching Marc take that 11inch, super fat Dick up his sweet tasty ass. We might have to wait till after the holidays to find a Saturday evening when the three of us can get over there.   

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twos for Tuesday

                Good morning you guys!  It is such a pleasure to know that you are most likely sitting there in your underpants rubbing on your Balls.  We all do it!   It just feels so good!   And it seems that most guys rub their Balls off and on all day long.   Am I right?    
                I often feel that my daily posts are rather one sided.  I mean the fact that I talk so much about the Dicks I suck or the Asses I Fuck or the Guys that stick their Dick up my Hole.  Well...these acts are a major part of my life and who I am.    I am a Gay Man and Gay Men (like all men) always seem to be horney. We, just seem to have so much more opportunity for sexing than our Str8 Brothers.  
              I know some of you are quite shy about getting yourself out there and sexing on a regular basis.  I guess I was just lucky to be so open and ready at a young age. Having been Fucked early on and realizing that sex was so much fun, I have just never allowed myself to slow down.
            Some of you might say, you are too old to be Slutting or that you are not attractive enough to approach that cute neighbor.  Some of you sit back and wait for "mr. right".  Well, I must tell you...there are few and far between "mr. rights".  
            I also know that some of you have found one guy to Fuck with and that you are totally happy with that  choice.   Ya see..that is the point.. choose what makes you happy!  And yes, I said CHOOSE!  It is totally your choice how your sex life goes.