Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm ready for the weekend

            Good morning my friends!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love all of you for taking the time to stop by....ant to those of you who send me emails.... Speaking of emails.... the first photo below the text was attached to an email from a new reader.  I am not sure if it is him..but whoever he his he is totally adorable.   Just remember you can send me photos of yourself to post here if you wish.
           Busy weekend here...... We have 2 parties to put together at work.  Then I was listening to Da Dick O'Mine and he tells me he needs to go out and play "big time" this weekend.   I am not sure what he will get into..but I am willing to let him have his way.  I might be thinking of stopping by a really sleezy and dirty Sports Bar and see what trashy Str8 Dudes might be hanging out there.  
          When Da Dick O' Mine is in this sort of mood.... a good Blow Job from a Drunk STR8 Dude is totally fun.  And often these Drunking Dudes like to have a Dick up there Ass when none of their friends are looking.   So..I think that might be the plan.   
         Hey......... let us all know if you have done some good  sexing with a STR8 Dude. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Are you ever too old to Fuck?

             Good morning my friends!  As always, I am so happy that you have stopped by.  I was reading my emails late last night and came across one from a regular reader.  I thought I would answer it here.   He said that he realizes that I am an older guy and he wonders if it really appropriate for some one of my age to be out and being slutty and Sexing all the time?
           Well... if you have been reading my Blog for any amount of know that I totally donot agree with that.  Sexing of any kind is very powerful.  It is the life blood of your being.  It not only keeps you physically healthy but it is so good for your soul.  I firmly believe there is no age limit to doing whatever you want and with whomever you wish.  
          No matter how old you get.... If that Dick of yours still tells you he needs some Sex..then by golly let him have what he wants!  And as far as being"Slutty"..well...why not?   Part of the Joy of Sexing is the shear messy and often dirty stuff that happens.  
        Am I wrong?  Let me know how you feel about Sexing as you get older.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Training a new bottom

       How much longer? 
  Just a few minutes. 
 Hurry up and finish.... your Dick hurts.
  Just relax, I'm almost there.  
I can't take it any longer.  
You will take know you like it. 
  I do, I do..but it hurts so much. 
 Lift your legs over my shoulders.  
 Oh..that is better.  Ah yes..much better. 
 Holy Shit! Holy  Fuck! 
 Look at me...look me in the eyes.  
 Ah..go ahead and pound faster...yeah really faster...I'm gonna Cum.  
 Me too! 
 Give me your Cum in my mouth.... I'll give it back to you. 
  See...I told you being a bottom would be fun.  
Wow! Wow! Wow!  You were so right.