Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Questions

                Good morning good friends!    I am so glad you found the time to drop by.  I hope you also have dropped your pants and are enjoying your Balls.  My air conditioner is on the fritz, so all I have is a fan going and I will be honest with balls are sweaty! I even think my butt hole is dripping some sweat!  
              Anyway...before I go jump in the shower and do my morning jerk off then head to work... I have a couple of questions for you..any of you or all of you...Does the size of a Guy's Dick really matter to you?  And another question... would you rather suck on a big fat Dick or a medium one?  And lastly when you are Fucking... what position do you like best?
         I am not sure if I will be posting tomorrow or not.... but if I don't have a major sexy weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do it!

            Good morning one and all!  Isn't it funny how some weeks just wiz by and others drag? Well this is one of those very slow weeks.  By slow, I mean that I can't believe that it is only Thursday! Maybe that is because I have not had any sex at all this week..... except for the always extremely pleasant jerk offs. 
          I know exactly what you are thinking... Damn he just had amazing sex with the Twink and that Italian Dude on Saturday.  Well. that was almost 5 days ago!  What can I say.... I need that wet sloppy physical contact often.  I know, I know.... there are those of you who do not do the sexing thing all that often, and think I should feel lucky.  Well... not lucky really... I have made a choice and my choice is to make sure I get some Dick and Ass as often as I want to.  And if you are not, then get yourself up and get yourself out and get sexing!   Even if it means buying a rentboi.... do it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A short post ...

            Good afternoon buddies!!  Did you miss me this morning with your morning jack off?  Well.. I needed to be at a client's house this morning at 7AM to do a walk thru for an up coming party. And so therefore not only did I not have time to do my post...I did not have time for MY morning wank!  I really feel a little odd not cumming yet today!  But.I am at work now and can't j/o here... I thought I would at least post a couple of photos for you today.  I do try to do some sort of post ever day.  I can't wait to get home strip naked and blow a good load!