Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Twos for Tuesday (Randy and Me Sunday Night)

         I had a blast so glad you invited me!  I could tell you had fun. I think you did also. 
    I sure did. 
I had never been to a sex party before.  And?
 And, I want to do it all over again.  Well, William usually does one of these parties every few months.  
    He seems like a reall sweet guy. Like he wanted to make sure everyone was enjoying things.  And it was so cool to see so many different ages of guys.
I sure know now that older guys enjoy sex as much as anyone else. 
      Maybe we older guys enjoy sexing even more that you younger ones. 
 It was cool to watch you getting your ass pounded.  How many times did you get Fucked. 
      Four, I did not cum each time, but I did when I was watching you with that one rentboi with his hugh Dick cumming on your face.  He was really hot. 
     His Dick was way to fat for me to take all the way.  It looked like you sure tried.  
     All this talk about the party has gotten me  horny and hard.... lets turn out the light and Fuck. Yes Sir!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday!

        Good morning all!  I sure hope you had a sex filled weekend like I did.   Oh how I love sex! I know I have said it here before, but how could any guy not  totally enjoy being a single gay?  We have the freedom to do what ever the fuck we want to.  Whenever we want to and with as many as we want to. And if you are smart, there is totally no guilt involved.  
       William's party was so much fun, even thought I really do not remember that last parts too much.  Da Dick O'Mine was so happy with me..he stayed hard most of Sunday as I lounged around the apartment. My Butthole... well that is another story... still a little sore.  But in a good way. One of the rentbois at the party had this unreal Dick. It was so fat that when I allowed it in me..I screamed like a little teen. Ah the joys of being a horny gay man.
      No matter what your situation is..if you have never been to either a J/O party or a Sex Party..do yourself and your Dick a favor and find one.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A few good Fucks were had by all!

          Good morning to you all!  I've been sitting here looking at the computer screen deciding how to  get this morning going.   To tell the truth, I really have not really been to bed yet from last night.  I did fall a sleep at William's place some time around 4AM.  As I layed there on his couch, I could hear those sex sounds all around me.  The room was spinning and yes.... I was quite drunk!  Have you ever drank double Raspberry Martinis all evening? And on top of that gotten Fucked 3 times in one evening?
       For those of youwho are new to my blog.... last night was My good friend William's "Rentboi Party".   He Hires a few..this time 4... Rentbois for his guest's pleasure. They are instructed to do anything and everything to anyone who wants them to. One rule that Willaim has is that there is absolutly NO barebacking!  So, everyone has a great time.  And we all did!
     There were 15 guests this time. Among them were two of my fuck buddies...Randy and Waiter Guy.  for some reason Waiter guy was kinda quiet most of the evening.  But Damn! Randy really got into it. I think he had his Long thin Dick in every hole that was there!  
     One of the really cool things that William had done this time was to have the Rentbois body painted Raspberry and they wore black thongs. By the time I passed out,all of us has some Raspberry paint on us in some very odd places.  
    It is one thing to to go to a party where you know ahead of time that there might be sexing. But to go to a party where professional sex workers are a big part of the evening is something different. 
The next time you have a few of your friends over for a party, hire a rentboi or two..it really makes a difference. 
   Ok..... I am gonna wash off the pink paint and go lay down  and sleep a bit. This afternoon is the big Gay Pride Parade and beach party here.