Saturday, August 1, 2015

Get Naked the weekend.

           Good morning my friends!  Yes my friends..... whatever you had planned for the day, forget it.
Get naked instead.  Forget about what you think you look like naked. It does not matter at all.  You look like what you look like...and you should not give a flying fuck what any one else has to say. 
          Take your nakedness outside somewhere.   Go for a walk without your clothes...let the breeze curl around your balls. Feel the sun on your buns.  Go ahead.....  you can do it.  If you begin to get what... be proud and let it happen.  If you get the urg to jerk off...go sit under a tree and totally enjoy pleasuring yourself.  Cumming out in the open is a major turn on.
        Go to your Gym or a SPA or a public restroom and get naked and just walk around. You will feel so good.  And you might even get lucky and there will be another guy who wants to taste you.  Or maybe ever Fuck you.  Do not say..well I just do not look good naked and no one would be interested in me type of body.  Butlshit!!!!
       The important thing is to feel good about your body!  If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I often post photos of myself like I have done today.  Take a good look... there is totally nothing spectacular about my body.  I'm just sort of ordinary with a little belly and a decent Dick.  But I have the confidence to know that when it comes to sexing... I know how to do it. often do you hang out Naked?  And do you go outside naked sometimes?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Underwear Friday

          Good morning all!  Well...lets see.... What is going on here at the world of Queer Heaven?
  Like any good self respecting Queer....I am horny!  It has been a couple of days since I had a good Dick or Butt.  So, you can guess what I am wanting this weekend.  Waiter Guy is out of town.  Randy is heavy with a new boyfriend.  And my Chubby Friend has the flu!  
        I was thinking of going to the Turkish Baths tomorrow, when I get an email from a friend.  He is having an Underwear Party Tomorrow and invited me to join and spend the weekend.  He lives about 3 hours away in a very remote part of Florida.  He lives on 5 acres of mostly woods and streams. And he has a beautiful log cabin type home.   The 6 guys that he has invited are all in their 40's & 50's.
But he told me there is one 25year old he paid for to be our party favor.  It should be tons of fun! 
       I will definitely let you all know all the details!  I hope you are planning on doing some good sexing over the weekend.   What are your plans?  Let all the Queer Heaven Readers know!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Asses & more Asses

       Good morning all!   As always I am so glad to see you here.  And glad that you have taken the time to stop for a short chat.  As you can tell from my post title and the photos I have chosen for today...I am still in a very Ass mood.  It is hard not to be.  I  just adore a beautiful Ass.  I even sometimes hang out at one of the public restrooms, just to watch for Asses.  Like any parts of the male body they come in so many shapes and sizes. And over the years that I have been trolling the world of Gay Sex....I sure have seen and tasted and felt and fucked my fair share. 
    I do have my favorite type though... Round, Firm, slight Fur on the Cheeks and some dark curly Hair around a tight hole. *Note to you guys.... please do  not shave your HOLE*
   So.... while I am getting my plans for this weekend together to find a good Butt or two...what type of Ass do you prefer?