Monday, January 9, 2017

Learning how to be silent

Quiet mornings...silent mornings.....mornings of bliss.
The guys sit in a circle.
The ground is still slightly wet
There was four of them.
Quiet aftenoons...silent afternoons...afternoons of wonder
The guys are laying on their sides
The ground has dried
Their butts are slightly muddy
Four of them
Late drink
The guys are on their backs, legs over their heads.
Butt holes are moist
Butt holes are waiting
Each one of them.
Early evening...Silent evening....quiet evening
No one has spoken all day
No one has cried or moaned...they are waiting
one at a time
It is twilight, the moon is one speaks
Each Butt hole is filled with a plug
Each Butt hole is tight
Each Butt hole is happy.
All four of them.
16 hours have passed this day
16 hours of watching these guys
The meditations are over
Each one begins to rub themselves
Cumming is important today.
And one by one by one by one
They cum.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Da Glorious Dick!

              Good morning my friends!   I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I also hope that you are sitting there at your computer with your dick out and in your hands rubbing him softly. 
               I guess if you have been reading this little blog of mine for any amount of time, you have realized how much I adore DA DICK!  Isn't being Gay all about loving Da Dick?  The look, the feel, the shape, the scent,  the taste.  Isn't being an open and out Gay man just telling the world how much you love Dick?    
           How about your own Dick?  How do you feel about yours?  I hope that what ever shape or size you have, you are proud of your glorious dangling bits! I hope you have no problem letting him out and be seen.  Do you walk around the Gym, letting your balls free to swing? Do you Step back a little while at a urinal so the guy next to you can see what you have? Do you go to a nude beach? Or just sit in your backyard naked enjoying the sun?
         Or are you one of those guys who, heaven forbid, keep Da Dick hidden and stuffed in your underwear all the time?  Let him out! Let him free! Be proud of wht you have! He will be your only constant friend your entire life.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fucking & Fucking & Fucking!

Learning and learning and learning
Always let yourself learn something new.
       Two days ago was an entire 6 hour meditation on the Butt Hole.  Yes! 6 hours! 6 hours of blissful licking and fingering and tasting and feeling and everything else.  I totally agree with the instructor... The Butt Hole is  such an important part of our body. And since it is the entrance to prostate happiness, we each should learn how to use it.  I mean use it with grace and joy!
    I've always been pretty good about using My Hole in an enjoyable way. But after 6 hours of play I find that I was really missing something.  I thought that I was a great teacher to new bottoms...well I was wrong! really wrong! 
   It was so interesting and a real turn on to watch the guys in this group taking turns showing how they open their hole to take an object or a dick or two for that matter. Whew!