Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Rainy Saturday

         Hello everyone!  Welcome to another Saturday.  And for us here on Miami Beach it is a wet one!
I am not sure if this is just a regular rainy morning or if this is part of the Tropical Storm heading our way. whatever it is.... it is sure lots of rain.   It felt sort of good sitting on my terrace watching the rain coming through the palm trees. the air is a little cooler and fresher.  I kept rubbing my balls and enjoyed the cool breeze on my legs.  Trouble was, all I kept feeling, was the urge to take a long piss!  Is it just me?  I hear rain and I need to empty my bladder!  
       The best thing about a rainy day off is .... I do not need to go anywhere or do anything special.  I can sit here with a brand new cup of coffee and browse through all my favorite blogs at my leisure.  I have no plans for today at all until late this evening.  My Rentboi Buddy who is still in town has a booked client at 8 tonite and he will be done doing his business by 11, then he is coming over for the night. Since I had pulled a back muscle the other day.. the plans are for him to give me a major back and butt rub down.  You see, he is not just a rentboi, he had gone to school to be a real message therapist years ago. So I get for free what others gotta pay for.  Will we Fuck you ask? We do not usually do that.... but I am sure there will be some cum spilled somehow! 

Thanks once againfor all your comments and emails. I really need to take the time to answer a few of those emails...Anyway, whatever you do today...enjoy yourself and PLEASE cum a few times tdoday1


  1. good saturday mate..... always a cool gallery

  2. they say is suppose to be up our way by Sunday morning which is okay as i don't have plans for Sunday at all. Hope the massage helps your back. xoxo

    PS love the photo of you today


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