Sunday, August 26, 2012

Naked while Waiting for The Storm

            Good morning ya all!  Wet, Rainy, Windy and totally yucky here!  We are waiting to se how much of this Tropical Storm we will get.  So, there is not much to do except listen the TV coverage and    continue to jerk off.  Why not!  I mentioned the other that none of my friends know about this blog. i did not mention that My Rentboi buddy does know and told me it is ok for me to talk about him once in a while. I only mention that,because this naked friend of mine is sprawled out on the bed upset because 2 of his appointments for today called and cancelled.   That is good for me, because then I get to spend the day hanging naked with him all day as we wait for the storm to pass.  Of course, since I've lived here for quite awhile and been through some real Hurricanes..I am prepared with lots of food and drinks. As a mater of fact, I'm having a bloody Mary as I type this.  
      Ok guys... going back to the other room and maybe play with Rentboi's long, slender cut Dick for a little!  I figure he spends his days servicing guys... why not let me service him as he relaxes?

How about 
Three Dick of Da Day 
for you to enjoy?


  1. Good luck in the storm, and make sure u give Rentboi a long, slow, relaxing blowjob. Dick of the Day #2 & 3, yum!

  2. hello dear friend !!!!nice sunday night !

  3. Great photos. Stay naked and safe today!


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