Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Butts for Wednesday

           Good morning everyone!   Did you have a some sex lately?  I find it is rather important for my health and my spiritual being to make sure I do.  Once in awhile I talk about my leanings towards the Buddhist Way. It is something very important to me, but I am not in any way gonna preach about it. We all need to find our own path. The one that is right for each and every one of you.
        But one thing I will always talk about here is SEX!  And hopefully you are not just sitting around wishing you were having more sex. Like anything else in this life, you gotta go out and find it. It is just a porn fantasy to think that some random guy is gonna come to your door and say " Fuck me please"!
So. listen... what ever it takes get off your ass and go out there and have some sex!  I do not care if it is nothing more than a random blojob or making contact with that guy in your office who you always wanted to taste... figure a way to just do it!   But what ever or whoever you do... please play safe!
        Oh, one of my dear friends and fellow blogger  over at Big Whack Attack  asked about the apartment next door where that neighbor guy lived who would enjoy morning blojobs.  Well.... it is kinda odd... I know someone moved in there... but I have yet to see them or even hear them.  I know they are there, because I can hear the air conditioner running. So for now... no morning suck offs from that apartment.


  1. The DODD is beautiful...and I mean that Dick and Balls.

  2. Great advice, my friend. We must always pursue that which we desire. And thanks for the shout out! Keep that ear to the wall for the new neighbor!

  3. hey just stopping by to see how your day was. hope you are having a great evening and lovely set of pictures today. xoxo


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