Thursday, August 16, 2012

One beautiful guy!

                   Good morning All!  I hope you are all doing fine.   This morning I don't need to be at work until much later than usual. So I've fixed myself a big breakfast and a fresh pot of coffee.  And I am gonna just sit here in my underpants and spend the next couple of hours visiting my favorite blogs and answering a pile of our emails I keep putting off.  Also I would like to mention that even after almost 3 years of doing this little blog....... how amazed I am that you guys really read this stuff that I post!
                  My Rentboi friend is in town this weekend and we have big plans for a major gabfest.  You see, he has just finished a 2 month stay at a Gay Retreat up in the mountains of somewhere in the northwest.   I can't wait to hear all about it.  He is ready to "retire" from being a sexworker, so I am also very interested in finding out what he has planned for the rest of his life.  I wonder what retired Rentbois do?
                Ok... today's photos..... there is a guy I've posted before who I think is extremely hot. And by some chance of luck, my good friend and blogger Franck  emailed me a whole slew of this guy's photos.    I understand his name is Simon King he is 21 and totally beautiful in a very odd sort of way. So I just wanted to share them with you.

     Well..... what do you all think of him?    As you might guess ..... I think another morning wank off is in order for me.    Cheers! Have a wonderful day my friends!


  1. WOW! You are right, he is beautiful in an odd way.
    Such a body!

  2. To me - not odd at all.
    Just made me drip - sure could enjoy stroking (and other things) that body.



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