Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Quiet Saturday Morning!

           Happy Saturday everyone!   It is great to be able to sit here in yesterday's unders and just slowly sipping on my morning coffee.  There is some quiet music in the background (  A Sibelius Sonata ) and the wonderful scent of Bacon frying in the kitchen.  My phone is turned off and Da Dick O'Mine is telling me that I need to give him a good rub. But before I begin a nice long morning wank.... I really need to let you know how thrilled I am that you have taken the time to drop by.  It is always so cool to read the comments you leave. I mentioned yesterday that you are always welcome to send me an photo of you in your Underwear for me to post.  I know lots of you did a great job sending photos when I did a full reader submission post awhile ago.  But, to you new readers... go ahead and send me a picture!
       Bacon is done.... gonna go scramble some eggs.... then read through my favorite blogs.  Then, who knows what I will do with the rest of this day.  I might call Aldo's friend and see if he might like a nice naked rubdown. yeah! That is what I'll do.   So guys... have a wonderful Saturday and Please make sure you jerk off at least twice today.

I just could not pass up this lovely butt hole!



  1. 1st off...Bacon and eggs...YUMMY!!! I have the day off from work and i am just gonna lay in bed, watch tv and have a good wank every so often. Hope you have a fun day doing whatever/whoever you do!!! OH! and thanks for the extra hot ass hole pic!! that will get me wanking real soon. So very LICKALICIOUS!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch for doing what you do here too!!

  2. I am a new reader. I like what I see. Such hot guy photos. And I really like what you wrote.
    Cheers from London

    1. Hey!! I am fairly new here too. Look throught the past posts as there is a lot of great stuff to read and view!!! Welcome and enjoy your time here :)

  3. Hey Buddy, Thanks for the breakfast. I'll be over with the chili later. Then we can eat and jerk off. : ) Have a good one. Cheers, AOM

  4. hope you have a wonderful weekend that is relaxing and restful XOXO

  5. Great pics today! Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Muito bom, prestigiar sensualidade idem e estas....


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