Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Wednesday Chillin'

          Good morning you wonderful people!   Lazy morning here in my world.  I feel so much better than yesterday morning.  It was nice to wake up super hard.  I just stayed in bed and rubbed Da Dick O'Mine.... and all was good with the world.  Well not really, but in my little world a good morning cum sure makes one feel good.   I'm not going into the office till noon today so I have a hugh cup of coffee and when I am done this here post, I'll sit back and check out all my favorite blogs. 
         The boss is back in town tomorrow... so I am thinking of taking a few days off.  We shall see what happens when I let him know. We really have no big events coming up for awhile, so this is a good time to take the time.  There is a naked retreat I really would like to go that is something to really look forward to.  I've been before, and there is nothing more exhilarating than spending time with a bunch of sweaty naked guys.  Some days the ever present scent of men was so overwhelming!  I remember this one guy who, even though he showered often like the rest of us..... his smell was so strong, that Da Dick O'Mine was never soft when I got near to him.  
       Ok.... here are today's photos. 2 of each guy this time.  enjoy them..and remember, if you are new here, please feel free to jerk off if you need to.


  1. Recto, verso
    C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau !

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  3. here's to you having a gret day and lovely photos as always sweetie XOXO

  4. A naked retreat sounds cool. That second guy... yummy!

  5. QH - On Sunday, I had the most amazing wank. I hadn't been able to do anything for two weeks because of an injury, It lasted about 30 minutes and my dick got so fucking huge and I literally spurted about a pint of cum.

    I knew you would appreciate it.


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