Saturday, October 20, 2012

The taste of cum.

       Good Morning all!   First off, I would like to welcome all the new followers and you new readers.  I dedicate my morning cum to you.  I hope you continue to like what you read and see here on my blog. And to my long time faithful readers.... I think you deserve more that one splat of cum... so you can open your mouth and enjoy the taste.  
        Hmmmmm! The taste of cum? I would really like to know what each and every one of you think about it.  Me?  Well, I have been enjoying that salty, nutty and delectable taste since I was 14.  I don't think there is anything like it.  I remember when I was around 22 or something, my fellow slut at the time  read somewhere that eating Asparagus changed the taste of Sperm.   Well, we set up an evening to find out.  We both jerked off and tasted each others cum and our own.  Later that evening after having a nice large plate of fresh steamed Asparagus..... we did the jerk off thing again... and I remember how different the cum tasted.   And all these years later, I still find that different guys have different cum tastes. Leave a comment today and let us all know exactly what your sex partner's cum tastes like.
       WOW, I really had not planned on posting about the taste of cum when I chose the photos for today.  But then, I usually have no idea what I am going to post about until I sit here and begin. So.... just enjoy today's photos and PLEASE make sure to do have a couple of good cums today!

was sent to me by a faithful reader BOIBUFF. He has great taste in Dicks, doesn't he?


  1. wishing you a wonderful weekend sweetie

  2. I like my mine. Its mild, salty, but also kind of fresh - if that makes sense...

    Goes well down mine and others throats :)

  3. I have been told mine has a bit of a sweet taste. I do eat a lot of Pineapple (natural fat burner you know)
    And WOW!! That hot pic looks even better (if possible) in B&W And i did have a VERY good cum after finding this pic.

  4. I understand that lots of different food change the taste of cum. Mine is very woodsy and totally salty. I like the taste of my bf's better. His is a little sweet.

  5. I've been told many times that mine is sweet. I usually eat yogurt every evening after supper (southern for dinner).

  6. Yes different men's cum taste quite different. I was once with a middle Eastern guy and his cum was surprisingly sweet, I was taken aback by the flavor.


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OH....Make sure you have had at least one good cum today!