Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday... Da Junk in Da Briefs.

       Good morning!  Grab your coffee and drop your pants and stay awhile!  Gald you are here and today I have some wonderful really good Guys in briefs for you.  I do love me some nice bulges.  It is always so cool to see a  guy you just met in his undies for the first time.  You never know exactly what to expect. Is he cut or uncut? Is he small and fat in there? Are his balls tight or low hangers? What is his pubic hair like?  Are those balls shaved?  And then.... when he pulls them briefs down.... the best part.... how does he taste?  How does he smell? Does he get hard quick or stay nice and soft for awhile?  Next thing those drops of precum that are salty or sweet?   Is there anything quite as wonderful as a new Dick in your mouth for the first time?   Well... you know MY answer!

I got so excited earlier
 talking about the Glory of Da Dick
 I forgot to post
 Da Dick of Da Day!


  1. Very true. I feel the same way about ass. Is it furry or smooth. Is he gonna let me have a taste or not? Etc. Hehe...

  2. I too feel the same way about ass. And the cutie in pic #8 will taste good everywhere i think. Those eyes are begging for a tongue to explore him. That what i see anyway, LOL.
    Have a wonderful Saturday!!

  3. Well, I think some of these are untrimmed (See the fur poking out even on one of them) some trimmed,and some shaved....whatever, would love to lower the brief, very brief at that,and inspect for myself.....damn, hot guys today!!!

  4. Woooo ! J'aime tout Wooo ! I like all !!!

  5. I would enjoy seeing wha is inside the brief on #2

  6. You are so fucking right! When I see a new dick for the first time it is like I am a teenager again!

  7. hope you are having agreat weekend sweetie


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