Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Mornings are my favorite.

                     Good morning my friends!  Welcome to another day at Queer Heaven. I am so glad you decided to spend part of you day here.   Have I ever mentioned that Sunday is my favorite day?  Sundays are usually a relaxing, quiet day. Often it is a day with no real plans.  And Sunday mornings are my favorite.  I like to be alone on an early Sunday morning.  If by chance I had some guy over Saturday evening for fucking or sucking, I make sure he does not spend the night.
                    Sundays are great, I can take longer to sit in my undies and sip on my coffee. Like this morning.  I've been up since 5AM .... I know, you are thinking why does he not sleep in?  That never works for me... when I wake up, I am awake and ready to take my morning Dick out of the covers and let him have a good wank while the coffee is brewing.  I usually do my Morning Practice then back for more coffee. This morning there was another jerk off and nice cum before I went out for the Sunday Times.  I also really enjoy that bike ride to get the paper. Our town is totally quiet that early on a Sunday. Most of the bar kids are off the streets and back home.  Depending on the weather I might stop at the beach and just sit for awhile or when it is warm enough, I'll go for a swim.  A little to chilly for that this morning.
                 So I'm home now... stripped back down to my comfy underpants and getting ready to check in on my favorite blogs. I'm listening to a recording of La Boheme as I sit here and type this.  I've got some beautiful fresh mushrooms in the fridge, which I think will make a nice omelet. And of course Bacon and toast.  And more coffee!
                For me, Sunday is a day that I like to spend the afternoon or early evening having random sex, I really don't care who it is... just some really hot raunchy sex. I have not decided which one of my buddies I should call on to play with. Or maybe later I might just go out and look for a new one.  there is always some horny tourist looking for sex!
                I figured I would post some photos today to get you all in the mood to get hard and get you out there to find some good sex today!  What ever you decide to do today, make sure it makes you feel good.


  1. Saturday morning is my day to do what you are describing today. I work 3rd shift so Saturday is my wake up kinda early and lounge day, but is is awesome just the same. Would LOVE some raunchy sex with the hottie in pic #6!! Too yummy :)
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  2. Sitting here munching a bit of breakfast and wishing I could walk down the beach as a horny tourist and find you on one of the benches, just comming out from a dip in the ocean...damn! My mind wanders!!! The head of the article photo to day is absooutely hot! -- A self portrait maybe? :-)

  3. i love lazy Sundays they are the best. great set of photos including yours sweetie XOXO

  4. Nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning. And Sunday Sex later in the day is what I like alos.
    I agree with Becca, your dick looks totally awesome!


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